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  • Demons and Writing

    Demon blogs

    I have been struggling.

    It is time minus 12 days until the deadline of book #2. I have been working on my next book for 18 months now. Yes started writing this before I even finished The Nourished Baby – before I knew if anyone would like my first book, let alone buy it!

    18 months of work which I am bringing all together on a tight deadline – which came a bit sooner than expected. Welcome to the...
  • Fever Smart Temperature Monitor - Review

    Blog main cropped

    The Fever Smart Temperature Monitor is a revolutionary new product which will be life changing for parents. Having a sick child is an extremely stressful time and this technology is going to significantly help to ease the worry when a child has a fever. I do not think I will ever forget how worrying and exhausting the first year of Arjun (our first son) life was. Right through winter he was very...
  • Writing with Kids

    Blog long

    I type this following yet another morning of tug and war with my heart.

    It was not an unsusual morning. Rather typical to be honest. But oh how I wish, as I have done for many, many years now it was easier – and wonder if and when it will actually get easier?

    The mornings are my best work time. Always have been. I produce three times the volume of work to a higher standard than I do in the evenings....
  • 2018 The Year of Being Unlimited

    Blog 2

    I have had this blog sitting here for….well nearly four months now!

    When I say ‘sitting’ I mean the title written, a few sentences roughly jotted down on a word document and the rest sitting in my head.

    I guess I originally wanted this blog to be quite inspirational. Like bring on 2018.

    But I have not found it easy to get my head space right for the year and felt like you do when you first start...
  • Peanut Butter Easter Eggs (D/F)

    Easter Egg Full

    Easter, dark chocolate, peanut butter and the goodness of coconut be honest I think I had you at the title! I am quite delighted in how my new Easter treats have turned out and how easy they are too (cue two little people in the kitchen with me).

    Using my Homemade Chocolate recipe as a base I created a peanut buttery middle inspired by my Christmas fudge and using my favorite Pics Peanut...
  • Chocolate, Raspberry & Coconut Cups


    Sometimes I surprise myself with my creations! Or it just happens that Saturday nights - the only chilled time in the kitchen - happens to be my magic time. Either way these chocolatey, coconut, raspberry morsels come with a warning of 'highly addictive'. Oh and they are dairy-free and gluten-free! You can also check out the video for this on my you-tube channel!


    Dr Julie's Chocolate(sl...

  • Product Review - Vitality Wraps by The Vegery

    Wrap 1

    It is fair to say I am still in the novice category when it comes to school lunches....our eldest son has just started back but as he turned five towards the end of last year he has been going less than two months. I am well aware of the long stretch of school lunches that lies before me.

    Already I am not a huge fan....I actually believe that we need to bring back in provided lunches at school BUT...
  • The Best Cracker?


    Back by popular demand I have one of my popular product review blogs – this time on crackers!

    Crackers to tend to be quite a stable food purchase for many families. Little ones like them as they are easy finger food and can be transported without a lot of damage. Crackers are traditionally made from flour. Something you may not know is the holes in crackers are called "docking" holes. The holes are...
  • Peanut Butter Humus

    Humus middle

    This recipe has been inspired by one of my special one-on-one clients who needs something D/F, G/F, S/F and onion and garlic free to help ease her little girls wind and colic while breastfeeding. I am also always on the look out for different way to get vegetables in to little ones (my boys included). Not to mention I am slightly obsessed with the new super seeded organic oatcakes from Nairns!

  • Motherhood Without My Mother

    Blog possible

    It hit me like a ton of bricks today. It is always there. That is grief right, but sometimes it sneaks up on me and just whacks me cold in the chest. Christmas is by far the worst time of year and today was no exception.

    My mother is very much alive. She just has not really been in my life since I left home at 18 and not been in the boys lives despite my best efforts. She was asked if she wanted to...
  • Storing Coconut Oil In Summer

    Blog 2

    Knowing how to correctly store and look after food products can give you a lot of confidence to buy it and use it!

    Coconut oil will change its state from solid to liquid in different temperatures and how to correctly store it is something I commonly get asked about. My home country New Zealand is typically quite cool, temperature wise, for most of the year with the exception of a couple of months...
  • Healthy Christmas Fudge

    Long edited


    400g (or 2 small jars (195g) of almond butter

    8 Tb of coconut oil (well softened)

    2 heaped spoons of honey

    1 dash of vanilla essence

    Note: You can easily make this with half the mixture (almond butter can be expensive) you just need a small tin to set (if you want it high) or personally I found when I did a thin layer in the square cake tin it was more than enough as this is quite filling!