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Dr Julie's Kitchen

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About Dr Julie's Kitchen 

Dr Julie’s Kitchen (DJK) is a food brand founded by Dr Julie – this was very much from the request of her loyal followers who basically wanted more! After having read her best-selling books and making all her recipes they were desperate for easier options for their family that they could trust.

What started as an initial test drive into this tough market, a global pandemic thrown in for a couple of years and DJK is not only still going strong but thriving all thanks to Dr Julie’s strong community – who keep asking for certain products to be created and enable this ground up, female run brand to operate without being completely reliant on wholesaling alone. This speaks volumes as many food brands launch into the market with zero customer base at all!

However, don’t take our word for it - check out all verified customer reviews here. Dr Julie is the first to say this brand is still only just beginning but it is changing the face of the food industry and the health of the next generation as we speak.

DJK Mission:

"While homemade food is always the best nutritionally, it is not always possible given the demands of our modern lifestyle. Now more than ever we need food products we can trust. Here at DJK our mission is to bridge this gap to provide food options like what you would make at home, preserving as much nutrients as possible and in packaging that leaves as little footprint on the planet as possible too – nothing goes out of the kitchen without Dr Julie’s seal of approval".

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Subscription Service

Based on the high demand for DJK products we have an easy subscription service available. We know many of you use these products weekly and often daily. In particular the dinner products (slow cooker mixes, veggie & spice mixes) along with the fruit spreads.

Not only does this mean you will not run out of your essentials, but it will reduce your mental load trying to remember AND you save 15% as well.

You have full control of your subscription – you can start and stop (or pause) at any time. In addition you can easily change your order to match your needs!

Delivery can be fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly (every 2 months) and all subscriptions get shipped on a Thursday.

If you are unsure just what is best to order or have any questions at all please do not hesitate to give Caz our operations manager a call and she will step you through everything.

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Healthy Fundraising

Looking to raise funds and would like an easy and healthy option with no minimum numbers?

Look no further!

Dr Julie's Kitchen Fundraising Programme has been developed just for this! Say goodbye to sugar-filled chocolate (which no one really wants more of in their homes), which also is single use throw away packaging (which the planet does not need any more of either!).

We have selected Dr Julie's Kitchens top products which will give your community group some delicious, healthy, cost effective options to help you raise the funds you need to keep doing the amazing work you do! These are:

*Slow Cooker Mixes (Devilled Sausages, Creamy Chicken and Tikka Masala)

*Gluten-Free Cookie Mixes (Chocolate & Ginger and White Chocolate).

How it Works?

1. Simply contact us here and we will get all the information you need - there is absolutely no minimum numbers required - no group is too small! We will provide all the forms, details and support you need.

2. Time to get selling! Show everyone those fantastic products and start taking orders.

3. When you are ready, send us a consolidated order form via email and we sort all the invoicing. Our turn around time is very fast so you get those goodies right away.

Contact us here and get your fundraising going in a healthy, delicious way!

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Wholesaling DJK Products

There is no doubt that Dr Julie creates and produces products that sell. With clear, proven track record of sales in this highly competitive market – Dr Julie consistently sells online, at live events, food shows and small group presentations. There are not many food brands that could confidently say and show this. In addition, Dr Julie regularly travels throughout NZ, Ausie and very soon Asia highlighting and show casing her products and wholesalers she personally takes time to visit.

As wholesalers of Dr Julie’s trusted products you are making a significant difference to the next generation and providing a trusted product to your own customers. We have competitive margins and low minimum numbers - Information of all products and wholesale prices can be obtained from our operations manager Caz.

A list of our current wholesalers can also be found via the link below too.

Become a DJK Social Influencer

We are always looking to partner with new social influencers, creatives and health enthusiasts who embody the same values as DJK. Whether you have 500 or 500K+ followers, you can help us to continue to empower our healthy global network and enjoy great food while doing it!

To apply simply contact Caz our operations manager with the following information:

- Social media handles
- Why you would like to be a DJK influencer
- What products you love
- What products you think your community would be interested in
- Any previous brands you have worked with/are working with, stats on reach and/or stats on discount code use from previous content

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