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Space to Think & Podcast

Do you know when I typed out these thoughts?

6am on Sunday morning in Melbourne. Two coffees down (body clock woke me naturally at 5am Melbourne time) after having…space to think.

And not just today. The last four days.

This is one of many reasons I carve out time for trips like this. Yes it’s a work trip but it never feels like work because I am not juggling my children or the huge mental load of normal life at home.

Ultimately, I don’t have to justify any trip or time away from my children.

Of course, as mothers we feel like we do.

The reason I wanted to put words to paper, is that they just came to me but how did they “just come to me”.

I had time to think.

I was literally thinking of my blogs and content for the next six months (yes you heard that correctly). I was opening up the enquiry of “do I want to add any more to this weeks content”. I have another great recipe for you, plus will be rolling out some epic events and my brand new podcast is about to drop. So was there anything else that fitted with the plan.

I have had such a great trip here. A mixture of work, play, space, connections, sleep, forward planning and… So. Much. Devine. Food. I wondered just how I could capture that into words with the core message of hoping to encourage one of you who also desperately needs something like this…to do it.

Actually. Scrap that. You don’t need to be desperate. In fact, I would hope not, as that would mean such needs have not been meet in a long time.

Just need. No justification. No reason. You just know you need it.

Do you know what you need? Do you know what is important to you?

I am going to hazard a guess that for some (if not many) reading this you will be like “I don’t even have space or time or energy to even THINK about what I need.”

Which is my point.

I know for me the ONLY time I get to myself in a day is at 5am (hello #5amclub). My older boys do not go to bed now until the same time as me and Ray no longer has a nap. I work well more than full time hours so there is no 'home time' while the boys are at school. While I have trained my body clock to be in sync with this seven days of the week, I still pretty much naturally wake up often before my alarm. It’s like my body knows this is the only time for me. It’s not enough, but that’s the best I can do on a daily basis.

One of the early mornings here, looking out over the Melbourne skyline I journaled. I let words, feelings, emotions all tumble onto a page. Old school style, pen in hand, pink journal on lap. I have journaled my whole life but following my surgery I have used it heavily. This is my first trip away since my surgery and I knew that when space opened up I would also be processing this time and what I went through as well.

I have spent so much time thinking.

I did an audit of where everything is at right now. I put out into the universe things I want to attract into my life.

I thought about what I NEED. What my kids need. What my business needs.

I thought.

I had space.

I breathed. I cried. I created.

I have to fight and claw and beg and put 10 million things off for such time.

But my soul needs it.

Do you know what your soul needs?

Do you allow yourself permission to even dip your toe on top of that well of needs?

Do you wrap yourself up in the love and kindness you do of your children when they need something?

Next week my podcast drops (you can listen to the trailer here).

I am beyond excited. I am deep diving into so many areas I am passionate about and that impact our health and wellbeing. In my first episode I talk about wellbeing. What is it where food fits. What is my nutrition ‘philosophy’.

Guess what – I talk about knowing what’s important to you.

Because this underpins and is at the centre of wellbeing.

Oh how I love, love, love when creative threads like this align….but I also know it’s not just luck….its due to space and time and deep soul connection.

Honoring our needs is something most of us have not been taught. We signed up to the “selfless mother” troop without even knowing it or without even knowing the damage it could cause.

I don’t know if you can have the space to think about what you need but I will be that little voice which says….do it.

P.S If you have questions or topics you would love me to cover on the podcast – just message through here. These will land on popular podcast channels each Wednesday from next week and our proudly brought to you by my incredible sponsor Zero6coffee.

x Dr Julie

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