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How Many Meals A Day When Starting Solids?

There are not many aspects of starting solids that are easy to answer but this one is a little more straight forward.

For the first couple of weeks (at least) you just start with one meal a day. This will be the most relaxed time of day for both the parent (s) and the baby. Generally this is after your babies first nap, but depends a little on the overall family structure. Sometimes for those with older children, if you are already making food at breakfast and dinner this maybe an easier time. It can differ day-to-day but keeping the rhythm is the most important not the exact time of day.  


I mentioned rhythm above and by this I mean the arranging of milk, solids and naps. You do want to do solids first and milk (breastmilk/formula) second. I have a full guide of this in my best selling book, The Nourished Baby, and a number of reels and Tiktok videos too. This means in terms of volume - just let your baby go! They will tell you when they are full. Allowing them to be instinctual eaters like this is important. 

When to Increase Meals?

The 'aim' so to speak is that by one year of age solid food is the major provider of nutrients. Where this exact cross over happens will differ for each baby. As a guide though you do not want to move to two meals until one substantial meal has been established. While I don't recommend a set volume or set portions (see blog here) 1-2 tsp is not what I would call 'substantial'. 

Still Struggling?

If you have been trying solids for a couple of weeks (and definitely more) and they are not eating much please do get some help! That's exactly what I am here for. You are not meant to have all the answers you are on this journey too. The sooner you get help here the better. You can book in a 1:1 with me here or check out some of my upcoming events. 

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xx Dr Julie

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