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  • We Are Not Home-Schooling

    I did not anticipate the first blog I put up after having Ray-Ray would have a headline like this. Shows how much the landscape has changed in a s...
  • My Experience with Corruption & Cruelty from the Publishing Industry

    I have now written a total of seven books and guides. Eight if you count my first starting solids guide which became a book. I have also completed...
  • Please Do More

    Please Do More Blog Long

    It has taken me a little bit of time to process and reflect on the events that shook our country on Friday.

    As someone in a position of leadership within our community and the wife of an immigrant raising two sons of mixed race, I have a message and a request that I need to share.

    Please Do More.

    While I was shocked and heart broken at the horror of the actions from one human being to the innocent...
  • You Were Not Meant To Be

    1aBlogMarch (1cropped)

    As many of you know, we are trying for a third baby. We have been for some time. As expected, it’s been a process fraught with a lot of emotional turmoil.

    Initially a lot of this turmoil came from trying to figure out when. Our youngest son is now four. We never planned on having a big gap but I have had a few things on my plate (just a few) and a tight book publishing schedule for what will be my...
  • School Holidays & Dual Working Parents


    School broke up for our eldest son on December 14th last year and he started back this week on Feb the 4th. This first week back has also been a short week due to a public holiday on Wednesday. Everyone has a different experience (and opinion) of the school holidays. I wanted to share my own experience of this time – which will continue to be different every year.

    Before Arjun was of school age,...
  • 2019 The Year of Hope

    2019 Blog 1

    Every year I set a word for the year. It is something I have been doing for a while time now after reading this in a business book. I used to do dream boards. I think these really helped when I was a lot younger, but after having the boys I have preferred to simplify the year goal-wise.

    Having a word for the year helps me to focus. I take actions and check that the choices I make are in line with...
  • I Lost A Bit Of Me


    As 2018 nears the end, I have been able to decrease the intensity of my work for a bit and it has been a time to pause and churn the year over.

    I have forged ahead into a lot of incredible ventures this year, but it has been a very hard process. Constantly stepping into the unknown and up against a lot of resistance. Like tackling a thick forest with a small blade trying to hack down a path in the...
  • When Will It Get Easier?

    When will it get easier?

    A question I have been asking myself a lot lately.

    This last week especially.

    I know from the outside it looks like everything is pretty sweet. I have published two books this year and have traveled around the country & started in Ausie. I am also now training new consultants and am working on book number five.

    It does not mean though that things have not gone according to...
  • Bring It: A Message to the Haters, Bullies & Thieves

    Hater Blog long

    In the last two weeks my much awaited for new book arrived. I have also launched a new ebook (Slow Cooked) and I have set up a new online fitness programme with a good friend of mine called Dr Julie’s Mum Squad. My nationwide Baby & Toddler Tour kicked off in Auckland on Saturday and Dr Julie’s Kitchen is not far away either. Sometimes in business everything happens at once – this is one of those...
  • Plastic Free July - Getting Started


    My boys live outdoors. They live in the ocean, the bush, the trees, even just our little back garden. We have not yet taken them to the snowy mountains but no doubt that will also become part of their playground when they are older. It really saddens me to think however that the great outdoors they love so much could no longer be a safe, clean playground for them due to the waste crisis we are...
  • What Goes Up Must Come Down

    Blog Chch

    It’s mid-July. Ask where the last few months have gone I would not be able to tell you. I do know what day of the week it is again. I have started to regain normality out of my ‘writing cave’. What ever normal is. As I shared on one of my Facebook LIVES the journey to finish The Nourished Toddler has been my toughest yet. Big call considering my other ‘projects’ I have done - a doctoral thesis and...
  • A Week That Made History

    Grad Edited

    It’s not every week that your trailblazing Prime Minister gives birth to her baby girl while in her first year running the country.

    Impossible for me not to be moved to write about it.

    Just the day prior I was also asked to give a speech to our university degree students on their last assessment day – literally where I sat 12.5 years ago. If someone told me then that I would be where I am today...