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Dr Julie Bhosale

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Kelly Sutherland

Our senior nutrition consultant based in New Plymouth. 

A registered medical laboratory scientist with a certificate in human nutrition and currently studying for a postgraduate diploma of nutrition, Kelly specialises in food allergies and intolerances and is passionate about helping babies and toddlers with these. 

Kelly has two children of her own (aged four and two) and understands first hand the challenges that can come with feeding children with specialised diets. 

She is available on a Monday for coffee groups and Skype consultations with evening bookings also available on this day.

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Laura Bleyendaal

Our senior nutrition consultant based in the Wellington region.

Laura holds a Bachelors Degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences and Nutrition from Otago University. She has extensive experience in both nutrition and personal training here in New Zealand and in Europe. Mum to two beautiful boys, Laura is going through the starting solids journey currently for the second time!

Laura is available on a Wednesday for coffee groups, consultations and post-natal physical checks in Wellington.

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Cara McNaughton

Our Mum Squad trainer in Auckland. 

Cara has been a personal trainer for over eight years and specialises in pre-and postnatal exercise. Mum to a three year old Cara understands the challenges that come with the huge body changes after having a baby and is passionate about helping mums strengthen and recover properly. 

Cara is available for postnatal checks, online personal training and leads our Mum Squad online sessions. 

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Laura Crowley

Our senior nutrition consultant based in Tauranga. 

Laura is Dr Julie's longest serving consultant.  She holds a Diploma of Applied Science, with a Certificate in Nutrition as well as a Bachelor of Chiropractic. 

Laura has a particular interest in assisting babies and toddlers with ongoing exposure to more challenging foods. 

Alongside her consulting work for Dr Julie, Laura together with her husband also treat clients at their own chiropractic practice – Peak Chiropractic - which they manage alongside parenthood with their beautiful daughter Quin. 

Laura is available for both starting solids and toddler food coffee groups on a Wednesday and Skype consultations in the evening.

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