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Healthy Strawberry Sorbet

Prep Time: Overnight (soaking) + freeze time + 5 minutes (throwing together!)
Makes: Approximately 10 serve


This is the perfect summer treat! This recipe is one of over 30 wholefood recipes from my book, The Nourished Bump - really it is for all to enjoy but for those looking to conceive and/or pregnant this is a low sugar, gestational diabetes friendly option.

You get to enjoy the joys of a sorbet without all the crazy sugar or loads of dairy knowing you are also getting in the goodness of coconut as well.

For those with children strawberry picking is a fun summer activity and you can freeze all those good strawberries for this! I would measure them out before freezing. You can also get frozen strawberries from most local supermarkets. You can use fresh ones you just might need some freeze time – I find using frozen you can get a spoon straight into the blender!


1 cup of cashews (soaked overnight or
6-8 hours)
1 cup of coconut cream
5-6 cups of frozen strawberries
(approximately 700g)
3 tb coconut oil
2 tb maple syrup


Place the cashews into a bowl with cold water, cover and leave to soak (either
overnight or 6-8 hours). When ready to use, drain and add into a food processor. See notes on this for additional tips in blending cashews depending on equipment.

Add in all other ingredients to the food processor, blend well. You may need to
pause and scrap down the sides a couple of times.

If using frozen berries, you can pretty much serve straight away, alternatively (or if
making for later) place into a loaf tin, cover and freeze.

Prior to serving remove a bit before hand to soften enough to spoon out with an ice cream scoop. Store any leftovers in the freezer well covered.


Personally, I find this sweet enough with just the strawberries and for those
with GD I would recommend keeping the maple syrup at this amount (and the
carbohydrate/sugar content is what is in the table). However, you can easily adjust
this to taste preference when blending all together.

Additionally, you can also swap the maple syrup for honey (or sugar) depending on what you have on hand.

Regarding blending the cashews, if you are wanting a super smooth sorbet, you
might find you need to blend the cashews and coconut cream up together in
a separate smaller/more powerful blender and then add to the main big food
processor just depending on what you are using. I also don’t mind a little texture
from the cashews either (and cannot be bothered with the extra step) but you will
know your equipment and taste preferences the most.

In terms of berries, you can absolutely mix and match with what you have available.


You can find more helpful recipes in The Nourished Bump along with all my cookbooks! Don't forget my cookie mixes are all low sugar, gluten-free and packed with extra goodness of flaxseed and almonds. 

xx Dr Julie

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