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Vegetable Platters for Kids

In the journey to promote healthy eating habits, vegetable platters for kids become more than just a healthy snack – they become a culinary playground! Or maybe that's just me...but truly these are just so much fun!

By combining visual appeal, flavorful (healthy) dips, and creative presentations, these platters turn veggies into a source of joy and nourishment for even the pickiest eaters (big and small). So, why not turn snack time, including party food, into a colorful adventure that fuels both the body and the imagination?

I have made it my 'veggie fun' mission to keep coming up with new ideas for vegetable platters. These are some I have used with my boys - one just for my second son's 9th dinosaur party. 

Offering vegetables at birthday parties or social gatherings is such an important way to promote repeated exposure. What this does is 'normalises' having vegetables at these social occasions rather than just sugar laden or empty calorie foods. Creating a fun platter makes it near impossible to not want to try them! 

My general nutrition guidelines and strategies, back by a heavy body of peer-reviewed research, still applies to the serving of vegetable platters. In particular applying the framework of the division of responsibility and offering without bribes or rewards. Our job is to offer and it's our children's job (or responsibility) to decide if they will try - offering in a platter just makes it super appealing and fun!

So some simple ideas for you! 

*Vegetable Train

This I have actually shared inside my cook book 'Feed the Tribe' which has an entire "vegetable fun" section. This also includes my own healthy homemade humus recipe. 

*Halloween Skeleton

As many of you know, my third son was born on Halloween. So we have had Halloween themed birthdays for him! His first ever birthday is actually on the blog and I did this one not Halloween themed but still with vegetables...I knew that we would get Halloween themed ones for the foreseeable future for him! I was not wrong! This Halloween Skeleton platter has featured in all subsequent ones and it's fun to even look back on the photos and costumes!

Second Birthday


Third Birthday

Fourth Birthday

*Dinosaur Platter

This one is my latest vegetable platter. It really was simple and fun to put together. My boys kept eating the vegetables as I was creating it! You could also add in cauliflower for clouds!

As the major part of this platter is the cucumber you will find it relatively fast to put together! I promise!! 

Any left over vegetables I just use to create a second platter - can you really have enough? I like offering salmon on this platter - for the same reason of exposure and for my boys it's a real treat! These homemade chips I have shared on my socials as well and are also from my Baby & Toddler Cookbook.

I hope this has helped to give you some inspiration! All my cookbooks have lots of ideas for including vegetables in a fun way - you can also check out my vegetable and spice mixes and keep watch for my new cake mix coming too (with a vegetable of course!).

x Dr Julie

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