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  • Windy Babies and Eliminating Foods

    Edited Smushie

    Windy babies is a very common concern for new parents.

    Wind is the the air in your baby's tummy. During feeding your baby may swallow a lot of air along with her milk when they feeds as well as potentially gulping in air when they cry. While all babies can get wind, some will experience this more than others. Your babies gut is very delicate especially in the early new born days as it is very...
  • Yoghurt Comparisons - Kids Options

    Yoghurt kids blog

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog 'The Healthiest Yoghurt' and it got a massive response. To be honest there were so many different yoghurt varieties in the supermarket in order to do the kids options justice I needed to write an entire blog just on this!

    If you have not yet read that blog I would highly recommend you do as it will provide some context around this comparison.

    What I was really...
  • The Healthiest Yoghurt

    The Healthiest Yoghurt- (1)

    I wanted to write this blog as I often get asked what is the best yoghurt. To be honest I thought this would be quite straight forward however, it was not until I went into the supermarket and seriously looked at the enormous range of yoghurts did I realise there were so many. I am very programmed to just buying the couple of brands I know and trust that I do not look much at the others especially...
  • Are Oats Gluten-Free?

    Blog Final long

    This is a debate which has raged for a long time, I have seen research dating back to the 1950s on this!

    Due to the increased awareness on gluten, gluten intolerances and immune-mediated diseases affected by gluten (celiac disease) this debate has come firmly into the public realm.

    One google search for this question and you will find a divide of opinions, not all of them backed by evidence either....
  • Haem Vs Non-Haem Iron Foods

    Iron 3

    The first week of May is World Iron Awareness Week. Here in New Zealand this is something that health professionals actively team up together to support and there are some good reasons why.....

    Concerning Iron Stats:

    • 1/3 of the worlds population are anemic, which is actually a late consequence of iron deficiency.

    • Iron deficiency in infants is the biggest nutrient deficiency world-wide in both...
  • Fabulous Feijoas


    What are Feijoas?

    Feijoa's are a small oval-shaped fruit sometimes called a pineapple guava. Actually they taste a bit like a pineapple and a banana combined! Originally from Brazil and a few other locations in South America, New Zealand is one of the largest produces of this unique fruit. Feijoa season here in New Zealand is Autumn to early winter so are usually available from mid-March until...
  • Are All Peanut Butters Made Equal?

    Calling all serious peanut butter lovers - this blog is for you!

    Blog words long

    I am a self-confessed peanut butter lover and the monkeys have followed suit (#mummysboys). This is of course not without good reason! Peanut butter is a very nutritious and versatile product. Made, by in large, from peanuts it is packed full of protein, good fats and fibre. In particular peanuts provide an important source of your...
  • 5 Lunch Box Hits with Nairns Oatcakes

    For LB Blog

    Ah the lunch box! As both our boys go to day care centres which provide lunch (cooked lunch actually!) I have thus so far avoided the daily need to make them a lunch box....while I still make a lot of snacks for them I am fast realising that a pre-prepared lunch box every single day is quite a different food challenge. Our big boy starts school in October (seriously how did that happen) and while...
  • Gluten-Free Flour Alternatives

    Gluten is the proteins found in certain grains. Not all grains contain gluten - wheat, barley, and rye contain gluten. When flour and water are combined, and kneaded into dough this gives the elasticity which provides structure to bread and other baking and helps them rise.

    Blog 1

    Many people today are intolerant to gluten. Our gut is very sensitive and gluten is known to really irritate this. This is...
  • Tips for the Perfect Platter

    When I say perfect I really mean rustic and healthy. 'Perfect' just sounded great with 'platter' but you know what my style really is! We have Smushie’s second birthday this weekend (how did that happen, seriously) and a platter is one of best ways to feed guest regardless of the numbers.

    Platter Blog Edited

    So here are my tips to a pure and simple platter and yet another way to sneak some of those vegetables in to...
  • Dairy Free - Milk Alternatives

    Dairy is one of those very ‘grey’ areas when it comes to nutrition. On either side of the dairy argument there are positives and there are also points to consider.

    Positives being that dairy is a great source of numerous nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium and vitamin D. Plus a number of dairy products like yoghurt actually put good bacteria back into your gut. On the other hand, dairy products...
  • Comparing Cheesecakes!


    My hubby LOVES cheese cake, it is his go to dessert. Mine is always chocolate cake, however anything with the word ‘cake’ and I am right in there too. We all have our weak spots! After many married years, I was finally successful in developing a healthy, but easy cheesecake with my new Lemon, Ginger and Blueberry Cheesecake– made with the help of the Ginger Stem Nairns Oat track...