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Fabulous Feijoas


What are Feijoas?

Feijoa's are a small oval-shaped fruit sometimes called a pineapple guava. Actually they taste a bit like a pineapple and a banana combined! Originally from Brazil and a few other locations in South America, New Zealand is one of the largest produces of this unique fruit. Feijoa season here in New Zealand is Autumn to early winter so are usually available from mid-March until early June.


Nutritional Facts:

Feijoas hold a surprising nutritional punch! Did you know they are actually a good source of fibre (keeping us regular), vitamin C (so help to combat winter germs) and a small amount of our vitamin B complex (which helps in the transfer of energy). I really like that these are a very seasonal fruit still here in New Zealand so it's like Mother Nature knows you really need these nutrients as we turn into winter!

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Eating Feijoas:

This fruit perishes very quickly and needs to be consumed pretty much once they drop from the tree. I have lots of childhood memories with all my siblings eating these by the bucket load just with a good old spoon from neighbors gardens! Feijoas are great to bake with in just about anything (cakes, muffins, crumbles, homemade pies) can check out my gluten-free and dairy-free Feijoa and Coconut Loaf here. Plus, add some feijoas to green smoothie mix for a seasonable boost.

I was also recently asked if feijoas are all right to give to babies as a citrus fruit?! I talk HEAPS about giving babies fruit in my soon-to-be released book (three months peeps not long now!) but to reassure you it is fine to give babies who have started well on their vegetables and iron sources citrus fruits, and it is important to give them a variety of fruit (and vegetables) with different tastes and textures....more about this in the book I promise!
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Here is to fabulous feijoas!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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