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  • Understanding Baby Colic: Causes, Symptoms, and Strategies for Parents

    Welcoming a new baby into the family is a special time. Potentially one that has been long awaited for. However, for some parents, the...
  • Is Coconut a Nut?

    This is a frequency asked question! I understand where the concern lies as ‘nuts’ are a classified top eight allergen group. Within in these ident...
  • Starting Solids - The Meat Question?

    How to introduce meat to babies is something that I see a lot of parents unsure about and there is not a lot of information on why this is really ...
  • Starting Solids - Why I Don't Recommend Baby Rice

    The phase of starting babies on solid food is currently one of hot debate with conflicting information. This is representative of the current clim...
  • Introducing Eggs to Babies

    Egg Blog

    The humble egg has been subjected to quite a wide variety of opinions when it comes to introducing it to your baby. It is also classified as a 'high allergenic food', being one of the top eight food allergens.

    Nutritionally, the egg is packed full of important nutrients. It is a complete protein (containing all eight essential amino acids) plus it contains both saturated fat (approximately 1g) as...
  • The Starting Solids-Sleep Link

    Blog Long


    Do you have a far off memory of what that was?

    Five years and counting and sleep still is not what is was like in LBC (life before children). However that first year when bubs arrives into this world hands down takes the cake when it comes to sleep deprivation.

    An area of sleep for little ones especially before their first birthday which is not often discussed is the relationship between...
  • Self-Feeding Kizingo Spoons

    Girls Out 3

    Learning to eat is messy business….for those that have not yet starting solids I am sorry but it is coming!

    Having navigated starting solids now with both of my two boys something that I had not yet found a solution for was a spoon to help  learn that crucial motor skill of hand to mouth action.

    When I look back on videos (I have a tone on you-tube for your viewing pleasure) with the tradition long...
  • Arjun's Fifth Birthday - Healthy (Easy) Party Ideas

    Blog long

    Our first baby turning five was a really big milestone and special day for us. I have always tried to hold parties for the boys but in true working mum reality there have been some times that it has just been too hard (cue end of doctoral thesis and also book publishing deadline as examples). While we are still very much in a busy period (is life ever not busy?!) we did plan ahead for this time as...
  • Free Movement for Babies


    At one of my events on the weekend I was asked about the idea of free movement for babies - so I thought it was fitting to write a blog about this! While not a 'new' concept it has become more topical, unfortunately mainly due to babies movement and play being more restricted. It is an important cornerstone of their wellbeing and does impact on their eating, digestive system and energy levels...
  • Reading Baby Food Labels

    Blog 2

    Reading baby food labels - this is a topic I am hugely passionate about as many of you know!

    I am really frustrated at the current state of pre-packaged baby food and even more frustrated that we have major health care providers advocating the such food is nutritionally sound for our babies!

    So for or my brand new book - The Nourished Baby - I conducted my own research and looked at all the baby food...
  • Windy Babies and Eliminating Foods

    Edited Smushie

    Windy babies is a very common concern for new parents.

    Wind is the the air in your baby's tummy. During feeding your baby may swallow a lot of air along with her milk when they feeds as well as potentially gulping in air when they cry. While all babies can get wind, some will experience this more than others. Your babies gut is very delicate especially in the early new born days as it is very...
  • Product Review - ecostore Detangler

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    Nourishment for your body is not just with food. Our skin is our largest organ – what we put on this (and our hair) does really matter. Our skin is very permeable so it absorbs a large percentage of what we put on it. For this reason, I have always used ecostore products, especially the baby range with my boys. The ecostore is a New Zealand based company which began here in 1993 and only uses...