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  • Yoghurt Comparisons - Kids Options

    Yoghurt kids blog

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog 'The Healthiest Yoghurt' and it got a massive response. To be honest there were so many different yoghurt varieties in the supermarket in order to do the kids options justice I needed to write an entire blog just on this!

    If you have not yet read that blog I would highly recommend you do as it will provide some context around this comparison.

    What I was really...
  • Winter Sleep Tips


    Sleep for anyone with small children is basically a distant memory, however winter seems to add an extra factor into the mix. Getting out of bed to re-settle or feed little ones in the cold feels like an endurance event and there is a much higher possibility of little ones waking more too. As far as wellbeing is concerned sleep is very much a key cornerstone (I have an entire chapter on this in...
  • Congestion and Sleep


    With our eldest son turning five in a few months it is fair to say we have endured quite a few winters now! As both boys have been in daycare since a few months old, keeping their immune systems strong and fighting lots of viruses has just been par for the course. I think one of the hardest things we have to go through as parents is when our children get sick. Virus are especially challenging as...
  • High Iron Baby Puree

    Introducing food high in iron to your baby is crucial. As our breast-milk and formula has only trace amounts of iron babies are born with enough iron stores to last them up until around six months of age, after which iron must be supplemented in their diet. As a really high source of haem iron (very easily absorbed) I am asked a lot about how and when to introduce meat into a baby. You can read...
  • Dairy Free - Milk Alternatives

    Dairy is one of those very ‘grey’ areas when it comes to nutrition. On either side of the dairy argument there are positives and there are also points to consider.

    Positives being that dairy is a great source of numerous nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium and vitamin D. Plus a number of dairy products like yoghurt actually put good bacteria back into your gut. On the other hand, dairy products...
  • Ice Cubes With A Twist!

    Ice Ice Baby!!

    Summer is coming and so is the heat! Keeping little ones hydrated is so important when it is hot.


    Our current Ministry of Health Guidelines are for children to just have water or milk offered as drinks and if juice is given that this should be watered down. Sadly this is not always the case with 5000 children under the age of eight currently being admitted and going under a full...
  • Why We Love Butterfly Creek!

    We first went to Butterfly Creek at the end of last year as a belated birthday treat for our big boy at the time. I had just finished my Doctoral thesis and Smushie was not even one yet (or walking). Arjun recently asked to go again on a Sunday morning - in a "please mummy and daddy....pleeaaaase" kind of way....we could hardly so 'no' and with now two very active and on-the-move toddlers,...
  • Beetroot & Berry Teething Pops

    It does not get much better than teething pops made from vegetables! These also make great summer iceblocks or just to sneak in some nutritious ingredients in a really fun way!

    These teething pops are made from beetroot! Who would have guessed that you could have this awesome purple vegetable in a teething pop? Beetroot is a wonderful antioxidant, so when combined with berries (also high in...
  • Healthy Switches for Kids Parties

    On Thursday our first baby turns four!! I almost can't believe it.

    I like to make a really big fuss of our boys birthdays. I spent months (not kidding) planning Arjun's first birthday track a few years with now two in tow and those 'months' have quickly become ah minutes?

    Food at kids parties can be a tricky balance between providing healthy food, that is easy to prepare AND is still a...
  • Educational Toys at Your Door - My Play Kit!

    In this technological age there is no escaping screens and media. It is literally everywhere we go both inside the home and out…and will only be in...
  • The Chocolatey Truth - What is Really in Chocolate Biscuits?

    Let’s talk chocolate biscuits!Look into almost any supermarket and you will find almost half an entire isle dedicated to biscuits. Whether we like ...
  • Super Oats - Just How Healthy Are Oats for Us?

    I am all about super foods! While no ‘scientific’ definition exists for the term, superfoods are real powerhouses which give us the biggest nutriti...