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Self-Feeding Kizingo Spoons

Girls Out 3

Learning to eat is messy business….for those that have not yet starting solids I am sorry but it is coming!

Having navigated starting solids now with both of my two boys something that I had not yet found a solution for was a spoon to help learn that crucial motor skill of hand to mouth action.

When I look back on videos (I have a tone on you-tube for your viewing pleasure) with the tradition long spoons there was a lot of flicking action over the head, chair, floor….you get the picture!

This year I found the solution I would have loved to have had with them – self feeding spoons from Kizsingo! These are simple but pure genius.


These spoons feature a nice short handle for easy griping those wee hands adding stability as well, and the curve allows for a guided motion up to eager mouths. Babies can close their lips easily around the specially designed head of the spoon.



It pretty much means babies can grab and go.

Oh the concentration! (Note the double spoon approach too!)



You will never not have mess when starting to eat but these spoons will greatly reduce the frustration for little ones while they are learning (more so when very hangry) making the experience much more relaxed for all….parents included.

Sylivie 1

Sylvie 2

Best of all babies right from the beginning can start that essential development of self-feeding for which there is substantial research to support is fundamental in making good food choices.


I personally stock these must-have spoons on my website in pink, blue, green (here!) and a teal in our baby shower pack - where you also get my book The Nourished Baby and a Kai Carrier reusable food pouch (all wrapped up) - the essential set up for starting solids.

PLUS....for one week only with every baby shower pack you also receive a free bib! The perfect gift for someone expecting, or with a new baby (even Christmas!). Bonus ends midnight Sunday (12/11/17) - just click here!

Bib Bonus Bib Red

Happy Eating

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

Special thanks to the beautiful mums and babies for a very fun photo shoot - Olivia & Sylvie and Rochelle & Meredith

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