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  • Autumn Squash and Sausage Bake

      D/F, E/F, N/F Prep Time: 5-7 Mins Cook Time: 45 Mins   I love autumn. It’s actually my favourite season. Something about the cooler days, ...
  • Easy Moroccan Stuffed Eggplant

    As some of you know I have recently started using Veggie Box. This is a fellow ground up foodie business here in Auckland (NZ), delivering fresh f...
  • Healthy Christmas Pudding - Gluten Free & Grain Free

      I had a lovely follower message me the other day asking if I had a healthy Christmas pudding - ideally one that little ones could enjoy?! Do you...
  • Starting Solids - The Meat Question?

    How to introduce meat to babies is something that I see a lot of parents unsure about and there is not a lot of information on why this is really ...
  • Starting Solids - Why I Don't Recommend Baby Rice

    The phase of starting babies on solid food is currently one of hot debate with conflicting information. This is representative of the current clim...
  • Grain-Free Mussel Fritters

    As it is 'book anniversary' week I am sharing with you a favourite creation from my Baby and Toddler Cookbook. You can also check out the video on ...
  • Peanut Butter Easter Eggs (D/F)

    Easter Egg Full

    Easter, dark chocolate, peanut butter and the goodness of coconut be honest I think I had you at the title! I am quite delighted in how my new Easter treats have turned out and how easy they are too (cue two little people in the kitchen with me).

    Using my Homemade Chocolate recipe as a base I created a peanut buttery middle inspired by my Christmas fudge and using my favorite Pics Peanut...
  • Chocolate, Raspberry & Coconut Cups

    Prep Time: 15 minutes
    Freeze Time: 1-2 hours or until set


    Sometimes I surprise myself with my creations! Or it just happens that Saturday nights - the only chilled time in the kitchen - happens to be my magic time. Either way these chocolatey, coconut, raspberry morsels come with a warning of 'highly addictive'. Oh and they are dairy-free and gluten-free! 

    Dr Julie's Chocolate (slightly adapted)
    5 Tb of Coconut Oil (heaped)
    1/2 C of Coco Powder
    1 Tb of honey
    Dash of vanilla essence
  • Peanut Butter Humus

    Humus middle

    This recipe has been inspired by one of my special one-on-one clients who needs something D/F, G/F, S/F and onion and garlic free to help ease her little girls wind and colic while breastfeeding. I am also always on the look out for different way to get vegetables in to little ones (my boys included). Not to mention I am slightly obsessed with the new super seeded organic oatcakes from Nairns!

  • Healthy Christmas Fudge

    Long edited


    400g (or 2 small jars (195g) of almond butter

    8 Tb of coconut oil (well softened)

    2 heaped spoons of honey

    1 dash of vanilla essence

    Note: You can easily make this with half the mixture (almond butter can be expensive) you just need a small tin to set (if you want it high) or personally I found when I did a thin layer in the square cake tin it was more than enough as this is quite filling!


  • Mini No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecakes

    Facing cropped

    I am on a little bit of a roll at the moment with creating healthy alternatives to my favourite chocolatey treats. This recipe required no baking at all, and uses Nairn's Chocolate Oat Biscuits to form a healthy base with significantly less sugar than other biscuits. Perfect for Christmas, or a special occasion or just a little something after dinner.




    1 Box of Chocolate Nairns Oat...

  • Raw Brownie (Dairy Free & Gluten Free)

    Brownie long

    I love a good brownie....actually I love anything that comes in a 'chocolate' I am always on a mission to create new healthy versions of my fav sweet treats. You just have to look through my dessert blog recipes to know this!. A healthy brownie recipe has been on my 'hit-list' and finally after a few attempts I nailed this on the weekend.

    I really wanted to create a brownie recipe that...