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Mini No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecakes

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I am on a little bit of a roll at the moment with creating healthy alternatives to my favourite chocolatey treats. This recipe required no baking at all, and uses Nairn's Chocolate Oat Biscuits to form a healthy base with significantly less sugar than other biscuits. Perfect for Christmas, or a special occasion or just a little something after dinner.




1 Box of Chocolate Nairns Oat Biscuits

100g of butter


200g Dark chocolate

500g Cream Cheese

2 Heaped Tb of sour cream

1 tsp of vanilla essence

Whipped cream to top (optional)

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1. If you have not done so already take the cream cheese and butter out as these need to be at room temperature.

2. To make the base, add the Chocolate Nairns Oatcakes and butter into a food processor and pulse together.


3. Press into a cup cake tin - I find a flexi-bake works the best (you can use muffin size or even the mini-muffin size). Place in the fridge while preparing the filling.


4. To make the filling, first melt the chocolate in a double boiler and set aside to cool. Place remaining ingredients (cream cheese, sour cream and vanilla essence) into a bowl and mix with an electric beater. Quickly add in the chocolate and keep mixing until combined.
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5. Spoon the filling in on top of the base, I find it helpful to do a tablespoon at a time and press down. You may need to use a butter knife to smooth the tops off. Place in the fridge for about 4-6 hours to set. Remove and top with whipped cream and extra grated chocolate if desired...and enjoy!

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To see how these cheesecake compares to a couple of popular supermarket options you can ready my blog here and you can also check out my full official Nairn's Oatcakes review here. These make for a much needed healthy alternative which is at the ready and are found just in your local supermarket.

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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