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  • Starting Solids - The Meat Question?

    How to introduce meat to babies is something that I see a lot of parents unsure about and there is not a lot of information on why this is really i...
  • Starting Solids - Why I Don't Recommend Baby Rice

    The phase of starting babies on solid food is currently one of hot debate with conflicting information. This is representative of the current clima...
  • Baby-Friendly Beef Curry

    This week is World Iron Awareness week and we are still in season two of a COVID lockdown so I have a new iron-rich recipe for the whole family.......
  • Baked Potato Chips

    Chip long edited

    Let us be honest, potato chips are quite irresistible. However, heavy processing of them has effectively rendered a favourite snack or side dish with very little nutrients and a few nasties in there.

    This recipe of mine is not fancy by any measure but turns our humble potato, skin still on into a homemade version which will be gobbled up (by big and little people) in seconds flat!




  • Whole Chicken Curry Crockpot

    2017-07-03 12.37.55

    It is no secret that I love slow cookers, also know as crock pots! We easily have at least two a week. Being a working mum they literally save my sanity come 5pm.

    Every year we do a special slow-cooker week so I was keen to create something new for this year. Based on the requests of some of my lovely VIP members I made this chicken curry using a whole chicken. Not only does this make it really...
  • Cajun Beef Casserole

    Blog 2

    A very hearty, wholesome meal which all family members can enjoy! This recipe is very high in iron with the inclusion of beef, chickpeas, some green leafy vegetables. I discuss more about the importance of iron for all family members over on my next blog. A casserole is a true classic and this version has a real taste kick with the Cajun spices, red onion and capsicum, without it being super hot...
  • Easy Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs

    Do you have any foods or meals that are on your bucket list? By bucket list I mean that list of 'it would be nice to try and make some day when I have more time, energy and kind of know what I am doing?'. Well ribs has been one of my 'bucket list' meals. My husband loves them and the boys have always enjoyed them when we have eaten out together. As a #mumofboys I thought it high time that I had a...
  • Easy Crab Curry

    I cannot take credit for this one (thanks Hubby) but I can promise you that it is easy, it tastes amazing and little ones will get very excited about it. If the thought of working with and preparing a crab is a bit daunting don't worry! I have a vlog for you (coming Tuesday) that will help guide you with this.

    Crab 3 long normal res


    1 Tb Olive oil

    1 Onion, diced

    1 Tb Pre-crushed garlic

    1 Tb Pre-crushed ginger


  • Spiced Meat Loaf

    This is a little taster for you of one of the most popular recipes from my first cook book, Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums.

    Meat Loaf

    This meat loaf is an old school recipe with a bit of jazz. The spices and herbs can be easily adjusted to your liking and according to what you have in the cupboard. This can be made in the morning and re-heated for dinner and any leftovers make a great lunch option.


  • Easy Rib Roast - Family Meal to Homemade Baby Food

    This is a great meal for the whole family, baby included, which is very high in iron, fat and B-vitamins. It honestly takes all of five minutes pre...
  • Lemon and Garlic Chicken Drumsticks

    This recipe will be sure to impress with flavours that sing together and of course - it's super simple!! Perfect for Fathers Day (we know just how ...
  • Pumpkin Soup - NutriBullet Style!

    From raw vegetables to warm, healthy soup in less than 8 minutes? It is possible with the amazing NutriBullet! It's fair to say I am a little more ...