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Beach Snack Ideas

We live at the beach. It is my happy place and the boys happy place! Ray was a week old when he went to the beach in a tent while the boys did surf life saving. It is always a huge mission though to take three children to the beach and having good snacks is essential! Food that can be sturdy, keeps well in the heat, can withstand a good toss in the sand, is healthy (or as nutritious as possible) plus requires minimal prep is what we are after right?! 

Now this sounds like mission impossible when you put it this way.

Here are my top go-to snacks. These are not fancy but they work! Some of these use our DJK products - these is a reason I have created these. Some of these are also simple recipes which I will link to as well. 

Just as an aside - mums I know that hitting the beach can be really tough postpartum. I have had five pregnancies, three full terms babies and there are parts of my body that have simply changed through this process. I do not believe you need to love all parts of yourself (this goes against personal growth) but I would still encourage you that while on the never ending journey of finding and accepting yourself to still get in your togs and in the water.

For those that have followed my own health story (inner ear cholesteatoma) I have not been able to get my head under the water since the summer of 2018. This means that for Ray I will never be able to jump off a jetty with him or get into deep water. This absolutely breaks my heart but I do what I can with him while I can - we never know when something in our lives will change - so put on those togs and get in the water your children will cherish those memories more than a number on the scale or the size of your swimwear. 

Easy Beach Snacks: 

*Whole-grain sandwiches & DJK Fruit spread (with butter - not margarine this is a vegetable oil solid at room temperature which is inflammatory!) 

*Hard cheese

*Bierstick sausages

*Dried fruit

*Healthy cookies - have taken all DJK ones! Have also taken the cookie mixes away when staying at different beaches to make the cookies fresh. 

*Pancakes (Arjun's pancakes from Feed the Tribe)


* Apples 

*Left over homemade pizza

Many of you know we do 'pizza Friday' each week - I have a number of different bases in my cookbooks and depending on time and availability will also use these healthy premade bases. Sometimes we will actually take the homemade pizzas with us to eat on Friday avo or cold pizza is always a hit at the beach the next day (if there is some left!). 

* Vegetarian sausage rolls (these are from my Baby & Toddler Cookbook).

* Healthy muffin (firm one that holds) like these strawberry & oat muffins free on the blog.

* Bliss balls - these are allergen free and from Feed the Tribe but free on the blog here

Hope that helps give some ideas and inspo! Happy beach going!

x Dr Julie

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