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  • Where to Start Reducing Sugar

      This week on the podcast we had three great caller questions with a 'where to start' theme. One of these questions was "where to start wi...
  • Starting Solids - The Meat Question?

    How to introduce meat to babies is something that I see a lot of parents unsure about and there is not a lot of information on why this is really ...
  • Starting Solids - Why I Don't Recommend Baby Rice

    The phase of starting babies on solid food is currently one of hot debate with conflicting information. This is representative of the current clim...
  • Introducing Eggs to Babies

    Egg Blog

    The humble egg has been subjected to quite a wide variety of opinions when it comes to introducing it to your baby. It is also classified as a 'high allergenic food', being one of the top eight food allergens.

    Nutritionally, the egg is packed full of important nutrients. It is a complete protein (containing all eight essential amino acids) plus it contains both saturated fat (approximately 1g) as...
  • Plastic Free July - Getting Started


    My boys live outdoors. They live in the ocean, the bush, the trees, even just our little back garden. We have not yet taken them to the snowy mountains but no doubt that will also become part of their playground when they are older. It really saddens me to think however that the great outdoors they love so much could no longer be a safe, clean playground for them due to the waste crisis we are...
  • Product Review - Vitality Wraps by The Vegery

    Wrap 1

    It is fair to say I am still in the novice category when it comes to school lunches....our eldest son has just started back but as he turned five towards the end of last year he has been going less than two months. I am well aware of the long stretch of school lunches that lies before me.

    Already I am not a huge fan....I actually believe that we need to bring back in provided lunches at school BUT...
  • The Best Cracker?


    Back by popular demand I have one of my popular product review blogs – this time on crackers!

    Crackers to tend to be quite a stable food purchase for many families. Little ones like them as they are easy finger food and can be transported without a lot of damage. Crackers are traditionally made from flour. Something you may not know is the holes in crackers are called "docking" holes. The holes are...
  • Storing Coconut Oil In Summer

    Blog 2

    Knowing how to correctly store and look after food products can give you a lot of confidence to buy it and use it!

    Coconut oil will change its state from solid to liquid in different temperatures and how to correctly store it is something I commonly get asked about. My home country New Zealand is typically quite cool, temperature wise, for most of the year with the exception of a couple of months...
  • Arjun's Fifth Birthday - Healthy (Easy) Party Ideas

    Blog long

    Our first baby turning five was a really big milestone and special day for us. I have always tried to hold parties for the boys but in true working mum reality there have been some times that it has just been too hard (cue end of doctoral thesis and also book publishing deadline as examples). While we are still very much in a busy period (is life ever not busy?!) we did plan ahead for this time as...
  • Coconut Oil- Is It Healthy?

    Blog 1

    Coconut oil is one of the most contentious foods of 2017- in one breath it is hailed as a miracle cure-all food and the next minute there are reports saying it will us serious harm (largely thanks to an article released in June from the American Heart Association).

    Maybe it is the researcher in me, always looking for a critical view at both sides of the coin but with few exceptions, I would rarely...
  • Pears and Constipation in Babies - Cure or Cause?

    Pears and Constipation

    Constipation is very common in babies and toddlers. It is actually one of the primary concerns that parents will go to see a general practitioner or pediatrician about. It is most common in babies around the time of starting solids and for toddlers going through toilet training.

    For babies, the change in dietary intake can result in changes in bowel motions, which is why I do have a section on this...
  • Reading Baby Food Labels

    Blog 2

    Reading baby food labels - this is a topic I am hugely passionate about as many of you know!

    I am really frustrated at the current state of pre-packaged baby food and even more frustrated that we have major health care providers advocating the such food is nutritionally sound for our babies!

    So for or my brand new book - The Nourished Baby - I conducted my own research and looked at all the baby food...