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Product Review - Vitality Wraps by The Vegery

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It is fair to say I am still in the novice category when it comes to school lunches....our eldest son has just started back but as he turned five towards the end of last year he has been going less than two months. I am well aware of the long stretch of school lunches that lies before me.

Already I am not a huge fan....I actually believe that we need to bring back in provided lunches at school BUT that is a blog for another time. What I will openly confess is that no my child does not have 'perfect' school lunches. Getting vegetables in to him at a lunch box is pretty difficult so it is far to say I am always on the look out for creative ways in which to do this!

I was very excited to come across these Vitality Wraps (and the amazing Kathryn who makes them) at a business networking event! These genuis wraps are made from actual vegetables!!! In fact check out this impressive ingredients list:

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To have a wraps made from 63% carrots, 25% linseeds and 10% avocado oil with just a dash of flavour and salt...well you cannot really ask for more! Plus all of these ingredients are sourced locally here in New Zealand and these wraps are also gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan!

I have found these very versatile to use. As they are already made from vegetables I do not feel the need to try and add vegetables into the filling which has a high chance of rejection. You can check out my vlog on 5 different options for these over on you-tube here. Our boys favourite is the 'hot-dog' option also made with one of my other top recommended products - Smugglers Sauce.


In terms of cost - which I know is always a factor when it comes to food choices, to have such high quality ingredients you cannot except to pay the same as you would for a similar product that uses cheaper more processed food. You can get a pack of four for $12.55 which works out to be $3 a wrap. I would easily spend the little bit extra on vegetables or other fillings which often end up in the bin at the end of the day not to mention the extra convenience here.

To be honest even if your little ones still turn their noses up at this (kids will be fussy sometimes simply because the sun is not shining) I still think these make for an awesome option for a busy parents and....just means there is more for you!

These Vitality Wraps comes in three different options and you can grab them from their website or their stockists. Do also follow their social media handles on Facebook and Instagram for more creative ideas and ways to use them!

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Happy Wrap Making,

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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