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High Iron Baby Puree

Introducing food high in iron to your baby is crucial. As our breast-milk and formula has only trace amounts of iron babies are born with enough iron stores to last them up until around six months of age, after which iron must be supplemented in their diet. As a really high source of haem iron (very easily absorbed) I am asked a lot about how and when to introduce meat into a baby. You can read more about this over my previous blog here and this is a great high iron puree to try with your baby! It is one straight from my new book The Nourished Baby (available on pre-order now!) IG These ingredients especially the mince, liver and kale are all great sources of iron. The trick with using liver (which has 9mg/100g of iron) is to nuterialise the smell with some lemon juice before hand - just allow a few hours for this.


150g lambs fry

1/2 lemon

1/2 cup mince (or other red meat like a lamb chop)

Coconut oil or olive oil (for pan frying meat)

1 carrot, chopped (can leave skin on)

1/2 cup of butternut pumpkin

1 handful fresh spinach or kale

Feet 1. Place liver into a bowl and squeeze in 1/2 a lemon - this will neutralise the smell. Set aside for a few hours in the fridge. 2016-06-06 13.45.08 2. Place the liver into a blender and blitz - until it resembles the same texture as mince. 2016-06-06 13.45.56 3. Cook the mince and liver on a fry pan at the same time. Meanwhile steam the carrots, butternut pumpkin and greens. Meat DSC_04024. When browned add the mince and liver (about 1/2-3/4 cup combined) into the blender. If using the Avent Healthy Baby Food Maker just put in onto of the vegies. You can put any extra mince/liver into into small containers that you can freeze and add to boost iron in other meat dishes like my beef and liver parcels. I love the Haakaa Starting Solids Trays for this (now available on my website!). 5. Puree up all the meat and vegetables and hey presto you have a baby puree super high in iron! Our Smushie just loves his purees! He couldn't help but want some after I made this to take some photos! With these ingredients I am not complaining if he is happy to chop down on it...why not! Smushie For more help and recipe ideas on starting your baby on solids be sure to check my new book - The Nourished Baby - available for pre-order now AND I will be doing a homemade baby food demonstration live at our National Starting Solids Tour due to kick off in Auckland on Saturday the 26th of August. Check out details on Event Finder and dates for all other cities in New Zealand too! PicMonkey Collage xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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