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Beetroot & Berry Teething Pops

It does not get much better than teething pops made from vegetables! These also make great summer iceblocks or just to sneak in some nutritious ingredients in a really fun way!

These teething pops are made from beetroot! Who would have guessed that you could have this awesome purple vegetable in a teething pop? Beetroot is a wonderful antioxidant, so when combined with berries (also high in antioxidants) like this that's a powerful immune system booster. Not to mention beetroot also contains some iron and folate. These cool pops are also made from coconut milk so are dairy-free but with dietary fat for long lasting fuel (and no blood sugar spikes!).

I made these in the Avent Combined Steamer Blender it was just so easy; one of the many uses for this must-have baby item! You could use a normal blender with a good blade.


1/2 Cup of raw beetroot chopped or about 4 small baby beets

6-8 strawberries

1 Cup of coconut milk


Peel the raw beetroot and chop into rough cubes. Alternatively if using a bag of baby beets, simply put into the Avent Combined Steamer/Blender.

Add the strawberries and steam for approximately 15 minutes.

Add the coconut milk (you may need to slightly drain a bit of excessive water depending of how much you placed in.

Simply blend and then pour into ice block molds (I use Tupperware ones as they are quite sturdy!).

Leave in the freezer for at least 3-4 hours to set. Remove and enjoy!

I have many teething pop recipes in all my cook books! You can also check out my blog on teething rusks here for the low down on these and other teething tips!

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