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High Iron Mexican Baby Food Recipe

High Iron Mexican Baby Food
Makes: 4 ½ cup portions (approximately)


This recipe is perfect for introducing iron-rich foods to your baby's diet. The tender, juicy steak is packed with iron, and when paired with the flavorful combination of paprika, coriander, tomato, mushrooms and red potatoes, it's sure to be a hit with your little one.

 100g steak, fat left on
Olive oil (to fry)
1 medium red potato, skin on
1 tomato
2 button mushrooms
1-2 tsp paprika
1 tsp ground coriander


Method - Baby Food Maker:

Heat a fry pan on medium and add olive oil when hot. Sear the steak on both sides. Remove and place on a chopping board. Slice into small chunks to fit into the baby food maker.

Chop the vegetables roughly and place into the baby food maker. Add in the Mexican spices. Cover and pour ¾ cup of water into the back. Steam until it clicks as cooked.

Remove the top, watching for steam, gently remove some potato and mushroom for some baby led weaning exploration.

Put the top back on, place the blender back upright and pulse together.

Pour around ½ cup of baby food into a bowl ready to try. Pour the remaining baby food into a freezer tray and allow to cool (or serve extra if your baby requires more).

Method - not in the baby food maker 

Heat a fry pan on medium and add olive oil when hot. Cook the steak as you would for an adult (medium/medium rare is safe).

Meanwhile boil the vegetables in a separate pot on the stove. Drain some of the excess liquid but keep aside to adjust texture at the end. Keep aside a couple of small pieces of vegetables and steak for baby-led-weaning. 

Using a stick blender combine the steak and vegetables together. You might need to cut the steak up into smaller pieces first. Add the spices and blend again. Use reserved liquid to adjust the texture. 


The bowls that I have used here are called 'Nudge Bowls' from Kizingo. I highly rate these as they encourage baby-led-weaning in a practical way. You can put just a couple of more soft whole pieces on the 'nudge' part. You can either help to feed your baby the pureed part....or let them have a go! It is messy but this is also still them doing it themselves!


To make this a high iron plant-based baby food option simply swap the steak for tofu – you can even fry this in the olive oil for some extra good fat and flavour. Tofu is made from soy which is one of the top allergens so ensure this is introduced accordingly first.

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