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Got A Question?

I just have one quick question.....

I wish I could tell you how many messages that I receive on a daily basis across all my social media channels and emails that start with this.

In full honestly I simply cannot keep up. 

Not for moment am I not insanely grateful for you and your trust, support, following let alone your orders. I am. I am grateful every second of every day. It is how I get to do what I do and how as a collective community we are able to make a real difference to the next generation.

I am also acutely aware of the mass of confusing and conflicting advice there is out there. This is not just on baby and toddler feeding but with nutrition and wellbeing as entire areas of research. I know that you are wanting to do the very best for your children, yourselves and your family.

I wish I could answer all questions, comments and messages that I receive but there is one of me and not only an entire global community that I serve but I am also mum to three children myself and have a team to lead as well.

Not to mention trying desperately to keep my own wellbeing in check along with continuing to develop and find myself.

The mental load of the day in and day out responsibility of this is enormous. It is the path that I have chosen but that does not mean at times it can get too much. It can sometimes be easy to view someone with a significant social media presence through a certain perspective - I promise you that there is not enough hours in a day for me to do everything and I have had to learn (still learning!) how to be ok with a to-do list that never ends. 

The purpose of this blog post is to be able to direct you to the large number of avenues and resources that I do have available to be able to help you answer your questions further. Some are freely available and some are paid for. Specifically in terms of nutrient specific and individualised advice it is crucial (and part of the Health Practitioners Act) that such advice is not given without a proper consultation. 

So below are some places you can find further support and where you can ask questions:


You will find a lot of helpful blogs on my website which are freely available. If you use the search function to pop in your specific topic related blogs and/or recipes will come up. 

*Free 7-day starting solids email course

This is a great place to start with some of the key aspects of this important next phase in your babies life. The course also includes links to some of my most helpful blogs and starting solids products. 

*VIP Group 

This my private Facebook group. In this group there is about 700 parents who have been following my guidelines for over three years now. You can ask a question anytime and someone can guide you. I do a private LIVE Q and A in there once a month which is your chance to ask her questions directly live. It is a paid group which helps to ensure the integrity of the group. It is a one off fee of $147 for a lifetime membership and sometimes at events there are good discounts on this too. Info and link is here

*Free Q and As on Facebook

A few times a year I will do a free public Q and A on my main Facebook page. I endeavor to give as much notice of these as possible. 


You can book a one-on-one consultation done via zoom (or in clinic depending on location and alert levels). These give the best opportunity for specific indivudalised advice - on starting solids, toddler feeding, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition.


I run a number of events each year and also virtual events. You can see what events are coming up here

*Coffee Group Presentations

These are a wonderful opportunity to have me speak to your small group in an intimate setting. These are done either at my Auckland hub, virtually via zoom or I will do 'coffee group runs' to specific cities or locations which I will advertise. You can also make a request for me to come to a certain city via the contact page. I will be doing these in Melbourne from June onwards this year once a month.

*Reels & Tiktok

Alongside all my regular social media posting I prepare short educational videos for both Instagram reels and Tiktok which give great nuggets of nutrition and wellbeing information. 

*Kindle & Audio Books

Both my best selling books - The Nourished Baby and The Nourished Toddler are available in Kindle and audio versions which makes them a lot more cost effective. My forthcoming book The Nourished Bump will also be available on these mediums from September and my two cookbooks very soon.

I hope this helps give some options for support and questions - please don't stop messaging! Myself and my team will be able to point you in the right direction for what will be the best and/or most cost effective way to get extra advice - I just wanted to do this post so that everything was all in one place. 

Dr Julie x

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