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**Super 10th Birthday Special! Join for just $20 (!!!!) Only until the 2nd April 2024 - and you will get access to the exclusive VIP discount over this time too!

Dr Julie Bhosale’s special Facebook VIP group is your exclusive hub for wellbeing tips, support and guidance. Join this global community of mums and families all over the world for weekly inspiration, healthy ideas, hot-off-the-press information and lots of VIP special bonuses.  

  • Weekly inspiration and ideas – Dr Julie is in the group on a weekly basis providing inspiration, healthy ideas and challenges.
  • 1 x Private Live/month – Once a month Dr Julie Bhosale does a private Facebook LIVE so you can engage with her personally, ask questions and get hot-off-the press information.
  • World-wide support – join a global community of mums all helping each other along the parenting journey.
  • Life-time membership – This membership is for life!
  • Guest experts – Hear from Dr Julie Bhosale’s trusted related health experts who do guest appearances in the group
  • VIP Super Specials – get loads of exclusive VIP specials, discounts and events.