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Free 7 Day Course - Starting Solids with Dr. Julie Bhosale

Free 7 Day Course - Starting Solids with Dr. Julie Bhosale

Introducing solid food to your baby is a big milestone in the first year. There is currently a lot of confusing and conflicting advice on just how to start off your baby on real food. I am here to help!

In this seven-day mini course I will give key pointers on some of the big aspects of introducing solids.

I have a large number of helpful blogs which I will direct you to and of course my trusted feeding products and best-selling books – which give the most comprehensive information all backed by the latest research.

Here’s a quick outline of what you can expect over the 7 day course:

  • Holding their head up
  • Sitting unsupported, or with minimal help
  • Reaching out and grabbing for food
  • Eagerly opening their mouth when a spoon touches their lip or as food approaches
  • Can keep food in their mouth and swallow it
  • Does not have a tongue extrusion reflex (i.e. does not push their tongue out when a spoon or food touches their lip)