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Toddler Food Coffee Group With Dr. Julie

Toddler Food Coffee Group With Dr. Julie

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Have a comprehensive toddler feeding presentation for your coffee group/small group. Covering all the big topics including moving on to grains, fussy eating, problem solving, strategies to keep up with repeated exposure, toddler milk and more.

These are ideal to do when your babies are around 10-11 months old in preparation for this next stage of parenting! This presentation however is also relevant for all toddlers up to five years of age.


These presentations involve a talk for about an hour with loads of question and one-on-one time (so is a 90min booking). The organiser of the coffee group/small group gets one of Dr Julie’s books completely free!

An evening booking time is available for ease of being able to do these presentations.

How to Book: 


These presentations are done in Dr Julie's clinic located at 19 Tarndale Grove, North Shore Auckland. There is easy parking, tea & coffee and baby changing facilities. Plus you can pick up exclusive specials on all her books and products. 

To book you need a minimum of five people and costs $30/person (so $150 to lock in your group). As many as you like can join in on the day at the per/person cost. 

Booking days are:

- Tuesday (day)

- Wednesday (evening)

- Thursday (day)

Outside of Auckland

These presentations are done by Dr Julie's senior nutrition consultants. If you live outside of a city where there is a consultant available you can have these presentations done virtually.

Consultant presentation cost is for a minimum of four people at $25/person (so $100 to confirm your group). These are done in the home of one of the members of your coffee group and the organiser gets a book of Dr Julie's free.