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  • Nourishing Babies & Toddlers

Nourishing Babies & Toddlers

There is significant research to support the importance of nourishing food to support the first 1000 days of a babies life. However, there is currently a mass of outdated and conflicting advice regarding the introduction of solid food for babies. Dr Julie and her team of hand-picked senior nutrition consultation are regarded a New Zealand's leading experts in this essential stage of your babies life. 

From best selling books, custom-made guides and helpful feeding products to coffee group presentations, large events and a private online support group look no further for the best help with starting solids and toddler feeding.

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    The humble egg has been subjected to quite a wide variety of opinions when it comes to introducing it to your baby. It is also classified as a 'high allergenic food', being one of the top eight food allergens.

    Nutritionally, the egg is packed full of important nutrients. It is a complete protein (containing all eight essential amino acids) plus it contains both saturated fat (approximately 1g) as...
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    This is a debate which has raged for a long time, I have seen research dating back to the 1950s on this!

    Due to the increased awareness on gluten, gluten intolerances and immune-mediated diseases affected by gluten (celiac disease) this debate has come firmly into the public realm.

    One google search for this question and you will find a divide of opinions, not all of them backed by evidence either....