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Healthy, Easy Dinners for Busy Mums (eBook)

Healthy, Easy Dinners for Busy Mums (eBook)

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Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums was my very first book! I created this while in the last year of my Doctoral thesis trying to feed to young boys (one who had just started solids) and juggle all those balls. It is full of all my trusted family favourite recipes that can feed the whole family - with two complete shopping lists with all ingredients to take all the thinking away.

This is an ebook and you will receive the book to download automatically to save to your computer or laptop.  

Food Fundamentals

One of the most fundamental aspects of eating nutritious foods is the social connection and sense of belonging that comes with eating together. This is one of the major driving factors behind the creation of my cook book, “Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums”, as I truly know how hard dinner time can be when you are exhausted, juggling work, hungry tired children and the other million things on your plate (excuse the pun!).

Delicious & Nutritious

I wanted to bring a bit of the magic of a family meal back with tasty, healthy recipes that include ingredients just from your local supermarket, full shopping lists and two weeks of dinner all planned out. I promise you that these meals are exactly how I feed my little (hungry) tribe!

Tried & Tested

This recipe book specially designed to help make dinners as stress-free as possible by doing all the planning for you. It contains 14 delicious dinner recipes which I have personally created, tested and trilled with my little tribe. Many of these recipes you can make in advance (ready for the 5pm craziness) and will freeze well for pear-shaped days. There is 2 weeks of meal plans with complete shopping lists so you can literally print the lists, buy the ingredients and have dinner set for the week! You can trust that I have applied my pure and simple nutrition philosophy to every meal. They are even tagged at gluten-free, dairy-free or high iron.

Chocolate Bonus!

As an added bonus the recipe book also includes my chocolate coconut balls recipe (for those like me who have a weakness for something chocolatey after dinner).

What mums say about my cook book:

“2 weekly meal plans with complete shopping lists - genius.” “Such an amazing recipe book!! Definitely going to make life easier once the little one arrives. I think the chocolate balls are going to become a bit of an addiction.” “I made the meat loaf and it was very impressive. My husband had never eaten meat loaf and really enjoyed it.” “With a newborn in the house, what I loved the most is how quick and easy it was to make. I was able to prepare it in the afternoon before my son got home and while the baby was sleeping and pop it in the oven at dinner time.” “I've bought this, it’s fantastic!” “Thank YOU for creating an easy guide with quality foods that are accessible - totally real stuff! X” “Melissa LOVES your book, she is a busy mum of two and is really enjoying it. She says it is definitely yummy and definitely easy. Thanks heaps.” “Hi, I bought your book with the hope of getting my 2.5 interested in eating again and made our first meal tonight!!! He chose the Moroccan chick pie and it was a huge success!! Can't wait to try the salmon quiche tomorrow!!” “I have just made your quick chicken curry … amazing so yummy … thankyou so much Julie. x” “Julie you must be magic! I made your Moroccan chicken pie for dinner and my 2 year old ate over half!! he usually turns his nose up at absolutely everything. He also was a huge fan of the coconut and date bliss balls. Thanks so much x.”

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