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Very Berry Eton Mess - with Nairns Oat Biscuits

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Looking for a super easy, healthy dessert that does not require any preparation?

My take on an Eton Mess using my favourite Nairns Oat Biscuits will tick all those boxes!

Your traditional Eton Mess uses meringue....aside from the fact it does not have a lot of good stuff in it, I am just not a huge fan of meringue at all (sorry for those that are!). In this recipe I replace meringue with the Mixed Berry Nairns Oat Biscuits which have 40% less sugar than your normal biscuit (you can read my full review here). Not only are they healthier and have zero preparation, they add an extra berry-ness to this whole dessert...with very little work!

Oh and I know I said this was dessert but I had this for a late afternoon snack (in the interest of taste-testing of course!).

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1 Box of Mixed Berries Nairns Oat Biscuits (3/glass)

Greek yoghurt

Frozen mixed berries

Desiccated coconut

Grated dark chocolate (I use Lindt 90%)


1. Roughly break in three Mixed Berry Oat Biscuits per individual serving bowl - I recommend stemless glasses for this and I know Stevens have these available online).


2. Spoon in the yoghurt (approximately 3 decent sized tablespoons per glass).

3. Defrost mixed berries in the microwave and add.


4. Sprinkle desiccated coconut and grated dark chocolate on top. Dig in and enjoy!

Recipe 2 cropped

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For another super easy dessert recipe with Nairns Oat Biscuits check out my Healthier Hedgehog Slice!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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