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To My Husband On Fathers Day

In the chaos of life as two working parents with two very active toddlers often I feel that just how much my husband means to me and just what an amazing job he does as a father gets lost in translation - now more than ever (am I the only one?). Yes he drives me crazy half the time and we have the most pointless arguments like who is the most tired (seriously?!) and sometimes I feel like I have three children not two (eye roll) but I still think he's the best father I could ever have asked for our hubby this one is for you.

Boys 5

I See You

I see you when you are so beyond excited that we are pregnant – excited for both of us because I am basically an emotional basket case after weeks of hormone treatments.

I see you at the all the ultrasound, midwife and hospital appointments.

I see you when your face lights up (like enough to light up a Christmas tree) because you felt our baby move in my belly underneath your hands.

I see you excited...nervous...anxious...hopeful...when I go into labour.

I see you gripping my hand, a moment frozen in time, as I give that final push to bring our baby into this world.

birth b and w

I see your sheer disbelief and amazement as you hold our son (s) for the first time.

I see your exhaustion as we stumble though those first few weeks....and months.

I see you when you feed our baby to give me some sleep.

I see your big strong arms as you bath our baby.

I see you push/rock/sing/plead our baby to sleep.


I see you drag yourself out of bed to sit me with while I struggle to feed our baby.

I see you cook dinner for me while I am I doing feeding marathons or working....or both.

I see you come home from work early as I can’t handle another minute on my own.

I see you not even batter an eye lid when I say I am going back to work and you say you will support me no matter what it takes.

I see you when you let me buy that magical swaddle/singing toy/must have baby item.

I see you delight with each milestone.

I see you when you let me spend far too much money on their birthday parties just because it’s important to me.

I see you when you take our boys out just so I can sleep.

I see you when you nurse their ear infections, fevers, tummy bugs, and broken arm...just one of those to date...there will be more.

Sick b and w

I see you work more hours just to bring in extra money to cover the never ending expenses (how are children so expensive?!)

I see you make huge sacrifices, ‘pivots’ you call them, in your own career in order to help me fight for my own path as a working mum.

I see you change 10 trillion nappies without ever complaining.

I see you having ‘wee races’ with our toddler to encourage him to learn to go on his own.

I see you throwing balls and climbing jungle gyms and riding bikes – ‘boy things’ that I just can’t do.

Boys 2

I see you get told ‘go away Daddy’ almost daily.

I see you do the dishes, the washing, the vacuuming, the rubbish (which I especially dislike) all so it gives me a break.

I see you when I am just exhausted and having nothing left to give telling me to go and have some time to myself.

I see you when you have not brought something for yourself for months but we buy toy X Y and Z just to avoid a melt down or because it’s basically a case of life and death to a three-year-old-going-on-thirteen.

I see you go shoulder to shoulder with me though everything that comes our way.

Park b and w

I see you make mistakes and yet keep trying (do any of us actually know what we are doing as parents?).

I see you try to be the best dad you can be everyday.

I always see you,

I know sometimes (or even often) it seems like I don’t see you,

But I do,

I always see you,

And I am eternally grateful.

Happy Fathers day to the best Father I could have asked for our boys,


Your half-crazy, half-sleep deprived but loving wife,

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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