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Tips To Make Smoothies Super Healthy!

I personally love smoothies. They make such a good, fast breakfast or snack option and both my monkeys just love making them too. If you do a quick internet search of smoothie recipes however you will find a huge variety in what is included in them so here are my top tips to super charge your smoothies!

smoothie-line-up 2

  1. Include some protein and good fats - this will increase the overall nutrient density of the smoothie and keep you fuller for longer. Some options to include are:
    * Avocado
    * Peanut Butter
    * Yoghurt (plain, unsweetened or Greek)
    * Milk (full milk)
    * Oats
    * Seeds e.g linseeds or a LSA mix

  2. Sneak in some vegetables - smoothies are a great way to boost your vegetable intake up (especially in little ones) and you won't even notice them! Spinach and kale work really well in smoothies I have a few like....I even have one with broccoli!Intro

  3. Avoid too much fruit - fruit does contain fructose which is a natural form of sugar. While it is natural it is still a sugar – loading up your smoothies with a lot of fruit (especially without any protein or good fats) is going to raise your blood sugar levels high quickly and you want to avoid that in the morning (and the subsequent insulin spike too). Berries have the lowest amount of fructose so are a great option to include.Smoothie

  4. Avoid adding juice - I see this a lot in recipes and you really don’t need to use juice in a smoothie – your fruit will give you that with significantly less sugar (and all the other benefits of fibre and vitamins/minerals).

  5. Don’t add refined sugar – this should be a give but again however when you search for smoothie recipes you do see this!

  6. Try and keep the skin on vegetables or fruit - this is where all the fibre is. Using a really high-quality mixer will help with this – I have personally fallen in love with the Nutribullet for this reason! I was able to try out one of these amazing devices this week and wow it's designed with specialty extractors which break down fresh produce to their most absorbable state - including vegetable skin, nuts and seeds. For this week only you can get 30% off one of a Nutribullet with the code DRJULIE - just click here!Smushie 1

I have loads of smoothie recipes ideas here make sure you share your creations with me!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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