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The Halloween Grinch

Ok. Confession time. Last night I was the Halloween Grinch. Actually it’s quite possible I am just the Halloween Grinch full stop.

Did I think about Halloween for the kids? Hmmm yes. But that was about it. A fleeting thought and then all in the too hard basket. Last year was the same – counting down 3 weeks until the deadline of my thesis I can promise you that Halloween was not a priority. The year before that? I was just pregnant with our angel baby (who we lost a couple of weeks later)…you get the picture here!

And do not even get me started on the lolly-business.

I know that it can be a fun time, a great excuse to get the kids out in the community but for now I am just the Halloween Grinch and last night was case in point.

We had just come home from a full day of work, kids were in bed and we relieved the nanny, about to continue on working….and a group of children came shrieking up the driveway and banged on the door. All ready irritated I prayed our boys would not wake and opened the door. The children did not say a word just held up their bucket. The parents had stayed down by the fence. No hello or even a “trick or treat” – just a straight “give me the lollies” type look. I had to tell them that I didn’t have anything but they didn’t seem to get it. So I gave them a box of Nairns Oatcakes hoping it would make them go away and thinking it was probably the healthiest thing they would get all evening. Then I went and wrote this note and put it on the door.


Yes Halloween Grinch indeed!

Now the real confession is this note has been on the door at Halloween every year since our first baby arrived. In my defense the first year was legitimate. Arjun was just 10 days old at the time! The following years well….just life!!

It is not that I am trying to keep my children away from the lollies…hmmm ok, ok yes that is part of it. But also I am just too tired, got too much work on, too many tabs open. Halloween just cannot be one of those tabs.

I am not even sure that next year will be different, so far all subsequent years with our young family at this time of year has shown it is a really busy period.

But when I do have more time (haha) I want to do it properly, maybe even have a Halloween party that brings all the families together. I have actually enjoyed seeing all the cute kids costumes on various social media feeds; and I even have a blog previously written (before there were two monkeys) about healthy Halloween ideas maybe some of those I can put into practice…..

However, for now I am just a really tired, working mum who doesn’t have the energy for Halloween, and actually I am ok with that!

Xxx Dr Julie Bhosale (aka Halloween Grinch)

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