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Tasty Teething Pops

Our youngest is teething like crazy right now, poor wee thing has a mouthful of teeth coming through. Giving your baby something cool to bite on can relieve the pressure and ease the pain - my teething pops are both cool and nutritious..not too mention great for swollen gums to chomp on! 2015-10-18 12.49.19 These teething pops are super easy to make (I literally made them during 5pm madness) and you can also mix and match with the fruit and vegetables you have in the fridge!


2 carrots, peeled

1 apple, peeled

1 large orange (no skin)


Directions: 1. Steam the carrots and apple (I use an Avent blender/steamer) 2. Place in the orange in small segments 3. Keeping the water in, blend all together - you can also use a food processor 4. Pour into popsicle holders (I use Tupperware ones) and pop in the freezer! 12165655_1721136121495525_1573302169_n These also make for a great healthy snack for toddlers (lion face painting is a bonus!) 12166598_1721136111495526_618896133_n Be sure to also check out my new book The Nourished Baby which has a section on tips for teething! xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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