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Sensational Soup - 10 Reasons to Love Soup!

The cold has well and truly set in - here in New Zealand anyway - for our community members on the other side of the world we are rather envious right now! Winter is all about warm hearty meals and you cannot get passed a good bowl of soup on a cold winter’s night! So why do I praise soup so much?

Soup looking
1. Vegetables!! You can jam-pack soup full of vegetables. In fact you can pretty much turn any vegetable into a fabulous soup with little cooking skills!

2. Cost effective – in fact I could go as far to say soup is a very affordable meal. For example you can turn a pumpkin (which costs approximately $2) into a meal for the whole family.

3. Reduce food wastage – soup is a great way to use up meat bones, left over stock and vegetables lying in the fridge keeping your food wastage to a minimum.

4. Cook once for many meals – a massive pot or slow cooker soup will make multiple meals ensuring lunch/dinner for days to come and is great to freeze.

5. Child friendly – children right from babies starting solids through to teens can enjoy a hearty bowl of soup!

6. Simple – this is one of my primary requirements for all meals and snacks I share with you and soup is right up there, it is really hard to ‘stuff up’ and generally most flavour combinations you pick will work regardless.

7. Great for winter germs - when you are sick it can be challenging eating large meals or wanting lots of vegetables. A steaming bowl of hot soup is hard to resist even when under the weather, and this is also great for little sick monkeys too.

8. Any time of day - soup is one of those meals that you can have throughout the day. Our Smushie had two bowls on Sunday, one at afternoon tea and one at dinner!

Smushie Edited

9. Good protein and fat - when you add some stock to the soup (or meat bones) you are also adding some protein and fat which are essential to our diets just in a very simple, one-bowl wonder way!

10. Comfort - we do eat for psychological reasons as much as appetite - and it is important to acknowledge this. There is something very comforting about sitting down to a bowl of hot soup and something that is not only packed full of nutrients but good for the soul is a real winner in my books!.

Soup 2

Be sure to check out my Pumpkin soup recipes both in the NutriBullet and the slow cooker!

P.S We have a great 30% off any NurtiBullet this week only with the code DRJULIE (you will want one when you see the vlog on Facebook tonight!).

Happy soup making!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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