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Product Review - Arabella Baby Nappy Bag

I was talking to a friend last week who is expecting her first baby and she mentioned there seems to be just so many things to get, how do you know what is really important? Good question! Nearly four years down I feel a bit more ‘qualified’ to answer this one as I look back on the baby products that we have and what has stood the test of time, and use, of two ahhh robust shall we say boys!

Bottle 1

One of the baby products we did purchase was a really good nappy bag. Our boys are super active and we are always out and about with them so having a functioning bag is essential. The nappy bag we brought before our first was born – we still use today! I believe we paid $70 for it at the time so for four years use with two children I see that as well worth it!

I was recently asked to review a new nappy bag from Arabella Baby – I jumped at this chance especially when I heard about the specifically designed changing station as I had lost the mat for my original nappy bag. Let’s just say if you are an out and about kind of family tribe you will not be disappointed.

Pram Edited 2

The Arabella Baby nappy bag takes a surprising amount of gear with loads of little pockets to put in things like cell phones, shoes, keys, books, dinosaurs…..and the kitchen sink (if you don't believe me check out my vlog on YouTube here!). It is all thermally insulated so bottles stay warm and it makes it easy to clean. The stylish bubble pattern comes in colors of blue or pink and the straps fit perfectly over your shoulder making access easy when you have children hanging off you.

Inside cropped

Bottle slot

My favourite feature however is the custom designed changing station which comes with the bag. It is an all in one mat, nappy and wipe holder. The mat is long enough for your monkey to rest their head and if you have a wriggly worm you don’t need to try and hold them down while rummaging around to find your nappies and wipes separately (how are these never in the place you thought they would be) as they are all there! The changing station clips back up together so you could even take this out separately or slip into your handbag if you are ducking into the shops somewhere. With four years and counting of nappy changes this changing station is nothing short of genius!

Change station 1

Changing station 2

The Arabella Baby nappy bags retail for $46.00 which is a very reasonable price for such a high quality bag. This would also make for a really practical baby shower gift and these can be shipped directly. If you just want to get your hands on the amazing nappy changing station you can buy these separately! Be sure to check out the bags on Arabella Baby’s website along with other great baby products.

At the play ground

x Dr Julie Bhosale

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