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Only At 5pm

Some things that happen at 5pm you could not make up if you tried…..

Tonight it was a ratio of two on three, which we always see as a bonus as often it is a one on three gig.

Ray-Ray was pretty tired so I took him to the bath earlier while the boys finished up with Dad at the table.

Divide and conquer is always a good strategy.

For some reason he started screaming as soon as I put him in the bath. Normally he loves the bath just not tonight. I checked the water again thinking I had got it very wrong. No that was fine. Checked for a nappy rash no that was fine. Started to worry about a urinary tract infection - normally a pee occurs first in the bath and had not happened yet - but there was no way I could tell instantly and Ray-Ray was still pretty miserable....

And of course it was washing day and I had not checked that there were towels in arms reach.

Nearly eight years into this parenting circus you think I would have learnt that vital lesson by this point.

So now I have a slippery, rather heavy mass of a baby who is upset and I can't work out why and no towel.

As Sahan was coming by I told him to race and get Daddy and tell him I needed a hand and a towel.

Sahan indeed raced off and told Daddy “quick mummy needs a hand in a towel”

Dad “what?”

Sahan “mum needs a hand in a towel”

Dad “what do you mean she needs a hand in a towel”

By this point I start bellowing down the corridor over the top of said screaming child.

“Could you just hurry up”

Dad comes down “what’s this about needing a hand in a towel?”

Me “no I need a hand AND a towel”

Dad “oh”

Me “did you at least bring the towel?”

Dad “ahhhh nope”

Insert all appropriate emojis here.

Meanwhile in all the chaos Ray-Ray has decided to stop screaming and have a bath.

Only at 5pm.

Where is the wine?

x Dr Julie

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