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Little Loves - Review

It was both a pleasure and an honor to be asked to review such a beautiful book.

Little Loves

There is little that can compare to the love of a child for their pet and Little Loves captures the essence of this in a way that will move your own heart to a special place.

Every page is filled with the most enchanting photographs of gorgeous Kiwi children and their loyal companions; from Achiebones the boxer, Theodore Papadopoulos the silver tabby cat, to Hopy the bunny who sleeps in Max’s bed, and Spangle the bantam hen, there is a unique story behind all of them.

Something you may not know about me is my own real love for animals, ever since I was little – we had every pet you could imagine at home when I was growing up, many of which we breed and raised by hand from when they were born. The only pet I never had was a puppy and I always longed for one. I will never forget the day my husband (finance at the time) brought me Chase right on the spot in a pet store, I was like a child on Christmas day. Chase, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is very much my fur-baby. He sleeps snuggled under the covers right next to me and has taken over guardianship of our boys from when they were in my tummy. He has sat loyally at the foot of the nursing chair every single feed, dutifully watched tummy time and endured countless ear pulling (Cav’s have very long ears). He won’t even miss a bath time, often wanting to sit on my lap to watch so he can keep as close to them as possible. When I miscarried our 2nd pregnancy Chase refused to leave my side for days, not even to eat.

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I am sharing this with you as this is what came to me, reading this touching book - all the memories and love for my own pets and children. This book has encapsulated the deep-seated comfort and solace an animal can bring to our lives.

It is no surprise that our toddler also has an innate love for all animals. He has just broken is arm and has delighted over this book, asking a gazillion questions about each pet (for which I have not all the answers for) and it brings tears to my eyes seeing so much joy in him. He has asked for the ‘animal love book’ every night since we first read it together. I have been away a lot writing these last few weeks and it has warmed me knowing he has this to go to bed to each night when I am not there. I know that this book will be well loved for many years in our home and I am sure it will be in yours too.

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xxx The New Mum's Nutritionist

Photography from world-renowned Rachael Hale McKenna and text from fellow amazing entrepreneur Christine Sheehy, Little Loves is available on Mighty Ape)

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