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Help! My Baby Refused His Breakfast!

Ironically this very (early) morning I was actually thinking about what to write in my next blog – I did not have to go very far. This morning I had lovingly prepared breakfast for my son (nick named Bam Bam) - beautiful scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach but when I sat Bam Bam in his high-chair he flatly refused his eggs! And he always loves his breakie! I tried the double-spoon approach (apparently 1 spoon is never enough to eat with) without any luck. Now, I have a military style routine to get us all out the door on time and already this was going sideways. I try a banana – that was played with and then rejected. Now I am slightly panicked - I cannot possibly send my child to day-care without breakfast I’m a nutritionist! I then notice the lovely gunk pouring out of his nose and remember he has a cold and that possibly could mean (just like us) that maybe eggs are just not going to tickle his fancy this morning – option three was some nice unsweetened yoghurt and as you can see this was the winner – along with the double spoons!!

2014-03-27 07.22.40

Sometimes we forget that our children are in fact just like us – they have days when they are hungrier or do not always feel like eating the exact same thing for breakfast as the previous 365 mornings. This is especially true for when they are sick. As my child is only 17 months unfortunately his only form of communication is to shake his head, close his month (and possibly cry – least I did not have that this morning). He cannot even say “no” yet and he certainly cannot say “mum I have a cold, my throat is sore and I really do not feel like eggs but some nice cold yoghurt would be great thank you”.

As much as we do not want to become mothers that operate café style kitchens – with multiple options on the menu – sometimes trust your instinct - from a nutritional view point, just offer different types of healthy options (as I did), they will eat if in fact they are hungry. Keeping meal times as fun as possible and not getting frustrated when this does happen is hard – I really do understand - but I hope it helps you to know it happens to me too!

I have quite a few healthy breakfast recipes here on the blog here are just a few:

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Xxx Dr Julie

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