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Healthy Homemade Iceblocks

Hard to beat a good iceblock on a hot summers day!! Even I was surprised that this particular combo of fruit and vegetables was demolished by my boys....I got a bit adventurous and included broccoli into these homemade iceblocks (I am always looking for creative ways to get greens into the monkeys) and it turned out to be a success!!


Similar to my Tasty Teething Pops you can mix and match your ingredients to what you have in the fridge. I like including strawberries as these are one of the most nutrient dense (and lowest fructose) fruits available!

My slight disclaimer here would be if your children are used to more sweet iceblocks you may need to give them a grace period to adjust slowly to less sweet snacks like these - the pre brought iceblocks unfortunately are just loaded with refined sugar. We took these in a chilly bin to the beach and our monkeys just loved them!!


1 carrot

6 small florets of brocolli, chopped

1 orange (no skin)

1/2 dozen strawberries (stalk removed)



1. Steam the carrots and broccoli (I use an Avent blender/steamer)


2. Place in the orange and strawberries in small segments


3. Keeping the water in, blend all together – you can also use a food processor


4. Pour into popsicle holders (I use Tupperware ones) and pop in the freezer!


These will freeze in a few hours or overnight...hard to explain this to a little chef but well worth the wait:)


xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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