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Fever Smart Temperature Monitor - Review

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The Fever Smart Temperature Monitor is a revolutionary new product which will be life changing for parents. Having a sick child is an extremely stressful time and this technology is going to significantly help to ease the worry when a child has a fever. I do not think I will ever forget how worrying and exhausting the first year of Arjun (our first son) life was. Right through winter he was very sick and even hospitalised a couple of times - the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor is something that would have been fantastic had it been around then.

How Fever Smart Works

The ease of the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor, is one of its standout features. You simply place the thermometer under your baby’s arm which sticks with a non-allergenic pad and then pair the monitor to a simple phone app. This literally allows you to safely monitor their baby’s temperature at all times without having to wake the baby! You can see just how easy this really is on our vlog where we demonstrate the new technology on little Olive here.

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The App

The app for the FeverSmart monitor is very easy to download set up. You can even put in a profile photo for each child. Once the monitor is placed on your child, it can take up to eight minutes to warm up and then it simply tracks any changes in temperature, and alerts you if the temperature gets high. One of the main pieces of advice I often suggest to parents is to monitor their child’s vitals including daily food and sleep intake. This enables you to track any patterns or changes. You can also record what medicine is given and when.


Where You Find the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor?

You will be able to find the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor at most local pharmacies here in New Zealand or purchase online at Pharmacy Direct and Mighty Ape.

To have the technology to continually monitor a child’s temperature feeding real time data through to a phone app that you can have right beside you and through the night is ground breaking and will drastically ease the pressure for parents during a very worrying time.

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The FeverSmart Temperature Monitor* is not intended to replace medical care. *Accurate within ±0.2°C with correct usage. Environmental factors & child’s position may result in greater variance. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist please consult your health care professional. Always continue to monitor your child’s wellbeing.

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