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Daffodil Day - Special Blog

Daffodil Day in New Zealand is Friday 26th August here in NZ. It's one of the most important awareness and fundraising campaigns for cancer in the country.

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As yet we do not yet have a cure for cancer, research and medicine have come a long way and early detection is absolutely key - and one of the main message of Daffodil Day. Both my dad and my husband's mum have survived cancer due to the disease being found quickly and fast acting treatment - we know we are very lucky. To start educating our boys about cancer this year we made a cake (my Sugar-Free Banana and Date Cake) together and took it to the Skin Institute in Silverdale, local to us and the amazing staff, doctors and medical team there treat patients daily. It was a very moving experience to be able to do this and start educating our boys on this - I see it equally as important to teach them the full picture of health and well-being and also a very small way to give back to those so dedicated to fighting this disease.

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One in three New Zealanders are affected by cancer. Those are just astounding statistics. Below are some of the moving comments from mums in our community for whom their lives have been changed forever by cancer:

Natasha - My mum passed away after four years of battling inflammatory breast cancer & the advocacy work that she did is still helping people today. Being open and blogging about her experience ended up saving the life of a family friend who got her symptoms checked out early and is currently in remission ????

Krystal Singh-Saini - A beautiful mummy of an 18 month old girl and pregnant with her second is a cancer survivor ????

Rebecca - I lost my beloved dad to cancer 2 years ago, when I was 14 weeks pregnant with my daughter. It was so hard, and still remains hard without him around. He passed away only 3 months after we heard the big C word. After dad died, I decided I would dedicate my career for him - and have been working as an oncology specialist nurse since. Sounds cheesy, but cancer patients display an awe inspiring amount of bravery that it is really humbling to walk with them through their journey. I can honestly say I have the best job in the world ????

Amanda - When my brother Scott was 16 he was diagnosed with leukemia, I was 8yrs old at the time and was a match to be his Bone Marrow donor 9yrs on and he is cancer free. It's a special bond like no other that my brother and I share ????

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All of the donations received as part of Daffodil Day are put back into crucial scientific research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer, as well as providing a wide range of support services, promotion and education programmes to reduce cancer risk, awareness campaigns and programmes for people affected by cancer. So please do make sure you get behind this very important day, even in a very small way as it will all make a difference - for more information check out

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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