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Coconut and Date Truffles

Truffles hmmmm say no more!! This latest creation of mine is just in time for Christmas and makes a great alternative to the normal high sugar, low nutrient truffles - to be honest they taste like mini mouthfuls of Snickers Bars and make for a great bliss ball snack too - without all the refined sugar!!


Super simple to make (no baking required) you children will love helping you make will need to hide these in a secret place in the fridge to stop little (and big) fingers from stealing them!!


2 cups of pitted dates
1 cup of roasted/salted peanuts
½ cup of desiccated coconut
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
1 tsp of vanilla essence

For topping (optional)
75% (plus) dark chocolate
Extra desiccated coconut


1. Place dates into a bowl and cover with hot water (to soften slightly)

2014-11-16 07.02.39
2. Place all other ingredients into the food processor and prepare a plate with baking paper to place rolled truffles.

3. Drain the dates and place into the food processor with all other ingredients and pulse 2-3 times before blitzing until all combined.

2014-11-16 07.08.15

2014-11-16 07.10.07
4. Roll mixture into little balls – you can enjoy just as they are or place into the fridge to cool for coating.

2014-11-16 07.19.07

2014-11-16 07.37.445. Melt dark chocolate over a double-boiler and dip truffles quickly into the chocolate and place back on the baking paper. You can also sprinkle with some extra desiccated coconut here as well. Place back into the fridge to set coating.

2014-11-25 09.14.08Take out of the fridge for about 10 minutes before eating! Enjoy!!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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