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Chocolate Peanut Recovery Smoothie!

A perfect post-activity snack option packed full of good fats and protein...actually this is a good snack for busy mums full-stop! Packed full of important nutrients to help re-fuel after some activity, especially any resistance based work. It will also make for a great breakfast on the go without spiking your blood sugars.


A little warning, this is not a sweet smoothie! It is not often that my creations do not get the seal of approval from my little monkeys but this was not one of them! That is ok by the way! Using a quality dark coco powder (I just use Pam's) contains less than 1g per serving (a tablespoon) and 1g/100 but you get all the fun of chocolate!



1 cup of dark blue milk (can use almond milk for d/f)

1/4 cup of greek yoghurt

2-3 tbs of desiccated coconut

2 tbs of coco powder

4-5 tbs of peanuts



1) Simply place all in the NutriBullet and pulse! Sprinkle with coconut for extra jazz :)

2) Enjoy and go!


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xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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