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Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bombs

Energy 1

Now I know I had you at the title of this recipe but I feel that I may just need to reassure you a bit more that these 'energy bombs' are indeed not just enticing but also good for you!

These are what you would call high fat - they are very much packed full of good fat from peanut butter, coconut oil and butter. There has been a lot of emerging research around the importance of fat - including saturated fat. A lot of the work I do with mums one-on-one (especially in my kick-start package) is looking at this and ways to increase these fats to help prevent cravings.

This is where I find these energy bombs to be gold - or rather chocolate peanut buttery bites of gold! With next to no carbohydrate or sugar (except what is naturally there a little bit) these will not produce a big blood sugar spike at all AND provide much needed energy - ideal for that dangerous 3pm time (or breastfeeding marathons!).

My only disclaimer here is that these are not sweet, and do taste high in fat (which they are) so if you are just working on cutting down your sugar you may notice this. I find one maybe two is all you need...they also go nicely with a coffee just quietly.

Notes - The silicon cups you can get from most homeware stores, I got these cute ones for $2 for 6 (so two packs for $4) from Kmart - total bargain If you are dairy-free you can just substitute the butter for more coconut oil. Also if you are unsure of what is the best peanut butter.



6 Tb of coconut oil
4 Tb of peanut butter (try Pics)
3 Tb of butter
3 Tb of cocoa
1 tsp of vanilla essence


1. Place all ingredients into a pot.

2. Melt together on medium heat – make sure butter is well mixed.

DSC_09933. Pour into silicon molds
4. Freeze for 10mins - and enjoy!


xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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