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Child's Play

I was feeling pretty ho-hum this morning. While I was mentally prepared for the lockdown extension it hit harder than I thought it would. Remember it is ok that this is hard. Either all of it or parts of it. When we brush off our feelings it simply does not serve us. Yes it could be worse but that does not mean there is not loss and disappointment.

Every single day in lockdown both my husband and I lose income. We are both trying to work from home with little humans. We have lost track of the rescheduling and juggling. Last lockdown I was in limbo waiting for urgent surgery. I really feel for anyone also dealing with this. There is also so much more not mentioned here - for us as well as for others.

So this morning I turned to a puzzle. Arjun joined me and Sahan watched television #reality. Puzzles are one of my 'tool-kit' activities. They give me a singular task to focus on. I find this helps to calm the chatter in my mind. It gets me off a phone or device and unplugged. I find the process of a puzzle very therapeutic. Just picking up a piece and having a go at placing it down. I find deep satisfaction from the click when it is right. This activity helps me to look at things from a different perspective and remember it is all one small step at a time.

I know this is not always easy with very young children or toddlers (I do have three of them!). I do tend to do most of my 'puzzle work' when they are in bed. It is a good option for something short to download my mind at the end of the day. Our first two are a bit older now too, so do not completely destroy a puzzle. We used to use a mat that can be rolled away on a small table but in our new place have a bit more room to leave out on a table. This particular table is a special one too. My husband and I first got it when we moved in together. It cost $10 from Trademe. It was our kitchen table for many years ( I wrote my Phd and The Nourished Baby on it. So now is our puzzle table. Means Ray-Ray can play underneath it while we do this and he won't be able to reach it for awhile. My husband thinks I am nutty for loving puzzles but is wise enough now to leave me to it.

One of my greats inspirations Turia Pitt, talks about the power of child's play for helping to move through a difficult time. If you have not heard of her or follow her by the way you really should!

Other things in my tool kit I used this morning where:

*Went for a walk - got outside (pjs under a jacket totally counts)

* Had a shower

*Got changed into something I like and makes me feel good

* Re-thought my day and lowered my expectations of myself

* Had another coffee (of course!).

Feel free to use these or add the ones you like to your own 'tool-kit'. I cannot reiterate enough to just allow your feelings in at this time. I see so much dialogue on social media of people telling others how to be in these times. You can be grateful and find things hard. You can both enjoy lockdown and hate it at the same time. I know I certainly have!

Tomorrow morning we are doing a LIVE cooking demo on Facebook - something we all enjoy and would love you to either come say hi, cook along (recipe we are making is here) or just watch something "educational" aka entertaining.

P.S If you are also a mad-crazy puzzle person do let me know!

x Dr Julie

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