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Breakie Bliss Ball

Not all of my creations work out but this one is a winner!! Perfect to have for a small breakfast on the go or to get something into you with a 5am wake up....actually these bliss balls will make a great snack option full stop! Master 2.5 years had demolished these when he came home from daycare (that's the true seal of approval there!).


¼ cup of dates (about 14 dates)

1 cup of rolled oats

½ cup of desiccated coconut

¼ cup of cranberries

2 tbs of coconut oil

1 tsp of vanilla essence

Extra coconut for rolling


1. Place dates into a bowl of boiling water and allow to soak for 5mins

2. Place all other ingredients into the food processor. Drain the dates and add them.

3. Pulse a couple of times and then blitz together. Make into balls and then roll in extra coconut.

xxx Dr Julie

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