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Beef Liver...and How to Eat It?!

Liver and other organ meats are such a powerful source of nutrients in our diets. Beef liver in particular provides high concentrations of:

- Iron

- B12

- Vitamin A

- Vitamin D

- Folate


These nutrients play an active role in maximising our energy levels and are really beneficial to those that are pregnant and for babies/toddlers.

Personally, I am one of those unique individuals that really likes liver, always have actually. My favourite way is with creamy mushrooms and bacon. I suspect part of this is also because I know how nutrient dense it is, I feel like it’s providing an ultra-boost for my body which adds to the pleasure of eating it.

However I know this is definitely not the case for everyone especially kids!

How to Eat It?!

The secret here is to neutralise the liver to remove the smell – you can see this in my YouTube vlog (watch Facebook tonight) and the easiest way to introduce liver is in ground beef or mince. Try these simple steps below.

1. Put liver into a bowl.

2. Neutralise using lemon juice. Cover and place in the fridge for about 6 hours.

3. Place into a food processor and process until the liver resembles the same texture of the ground beef.

4. Add to your ground beef as part of your chosen recipe – the more flavour the better! Check out my beef and liver parcels here and my best selling cookbooks which specifically include recipes with offal meats. 

x Dr Julie 

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