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Almond, Kale & Strawberry Smoothie (DF)

This maybe my favourite smoothie creation to date - big call I know! A few simple ingredients which are packed full of nutrients and dairy free!


It is not a sweet smoothie. I do not think smoothies need to be packed full of fruit; remember fruit does still contain natural sugar. I have used strawberries here as they are high in antioxidants and a low in terms of natural sugar.

The almond milk is one of my preferred recommendations for a dairy-free switch and adding the raw almonds to this smoothie just really boosts the good fat intake up. Kale is one of natures super-foods and I am always looking at add some good green stuff to everything - enough said! If you are looking for more information on the different dairy-free milk alternatives check out my new blog here.


1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

10 raw almonds

6 strawberries

1 handful of kale


1) Simply place everything in the NutriBullet and pulse!

2) Enjoy and go! ????

This makes exactly 1 portion of a large mason jar, just double or triple the amounts depending on how many smoothies fans are around!

P.S At my popular Sugar & Sleep Workshops I talk all about different types of sugar and do a smoothie demo! Keep watch on my Events page - the next one is in Auckland on the 23rd of February (all event details here).

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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