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50 Names for Sugar

Sugar is sugar. You can give it which ever name you like but it still has the same effect on your body.

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That is causing your pancreas to produce the hormone insulin to allows cells to absorb glucose attempting to keep your blood glucose levels stable - but in doing so cutting off your body's fat burning mechanisms (hence insulin is called your 'fat storage' hormone).

Some forms of sugar do have other nutritious properties making them a much better option to choose from than your refined white sugar, my top preferred options include honey, fructose, low GI sugar and lactose.

When it comes to reading food labels however it can be really tricky to know just what you are getting. That is because there is so many forms and names of sugar. Recommended guidelines (which I endorse) are to aim for under 10g of sugar/100g especially if it is refined sugar so always check the ingredients list as well.

Here is just some 50 odd names for sugar you may find on food labels!

    1. Barley malt

    1. Barbados sugar

    1. Brown sugar

    1. Buttered syrup

    1. Cane juice

    1. Cane sugar

    1. Caramel

    1. Corn syrup

    1. Confectioner's sugar

    1. Date sugar

    1. Dehydrated cane juice

    1. Demerara sugar

    1. Dextran

    1. Dextrose

    1. Diastatic malt

    1. Diatase

    1. Ethyl maltol

    1. Free Flowing Brown Sugar

    1. Fructose

    1. Fruit juice

    1. Fruit juice concentrate

    1. Galactose

    1. Glucose

    1. Glucose solids

    1. Golden sugar

    1. Golden syrup

    1. Grape sugar

    1. Granulated sugar

    1. High Frustose Corn Syrup

    1. Honey

    1. Icing sugar

    1. Invert sugar

    1. Lactose

    1. Malt

    1. Maltodextrin

    1. Maltose

    1. Malt syrup

    1. Mannitol

    1. Maple syrup

    1. Molasses

    1. Muscovado

    1. Panocha

    1. Powdered Sugar

    1. Rice syrup

    1. Sorbitol

    1. Sorghum syrup

    1. Sucrose

    1. Treacle

    1. Turbinado sugar

    1. Yellow sugar

If only reading labels was easy!! I honestly wish this was something taught in school!!

You will notice I didn't talk about calories here...that's because counting calories won't tell you what nutrients you are putting in your body. As part of all my 1:1 consultations I do a full nutritional analaysis, including working out average sugar intake and then work together to find ways to reduce this down - without cutting everything out of your diet. We all have vices (myself included) and it is really important to make sure changes will work with the ups and downs that comes with motherhood. My Kick-Start Package is very popular which includes the full individualised consultation plus a follow up appointment and a life-time membership to my VIP group where there are mums in there from all over the world.

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xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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