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5 Hilarious Things Bam Bam Did Last Weekend

It's been one of those weeks for us and last weekend was a true test of our parenting ability - it was very much a case of our 19 month son Bam Bam vs Mum and Dad and you can guess who had the upper hand. We were both exhausted, battling colds (kindly given to us from our darling son) and we were both juggling outstanding work (me) and shift work (husband) in the weekend. We have learnt in times like these to come together in a united front and embrace the chaos as much as humanly possibly and this is what kept us smiling:

1. Bam Bam roaring at the tigers at Auckland Zoo - our son loves the zoo and in slight desperation to keep him occupied we took him there both in the morning and afternoon on Sunday and it was hilarious watching him 'Roar' at the tiger's who promptly 'Roared' back at him giving him the fright of his life!!

2014-05-25 14.16.51

2. Bam Bam got chased by a Pukeko - feeding the ducks by Auckland Zoo our son tried to chase a Pukeko who turned tail on him and ran after Bam Bam - not so funny for our little man but extremely funny for us!

3. Bam Bam smashed a calculator with a toy Thor hammer - needs no explanation really, for the record the calculator was already dead but none the less ended up in a thousands pieces (he's 19 months for crying out load what will it be next?!)

4. Bam Bam bit Chase - Much to our parenting dismay our son has 'expressed' his frustration many times through biting (very normal we have been told) and I almost could not believe it when I saw him bite our puppy dog Chase to try and get a ball off him - lucky for him Chase is the most placid puppy on the planet and simply took it!

5. Bam Bam and Chase got cot time - Monday morning chaos trying to get out the door and after fighting over a teddy bear both our son and Chase ended up in the cot for 'time-out' couldn't decide who was more confused!

Bam and Chase
Thinking of all you amazing mum's (and dad's) who give your children everything you have and then some - keep calm and carry on!!!

xx Dr Julie

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